Scott’s nephew exhibiting some Barnes-like tendencies …

And now, a moment to brag a little on my hard-working nephew. He transferred to a new school and is playing his senior year of football in Grand Rapids, MI. His first game? A nice little outing, 221 yards and 3 TDs in the air, 157 yards on the ground including a fourth TD on a 72-yard run. That’s a strong night’s effort. Here’s some video highlights. Skip forward to 0:45 if you want to bypass the hosts and get to the highlights.

He’s a great kid. I hope his team continues to have a good season. (Hopefully this video works here, BrightCove video is a little screwy in our WordPress install).

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  1. Profile photo of ratman19ratman19

    That roll out pass to number 7 was a thing of beauty. Must admit the kid has some talent…best of luck to them. When do they get their star receiver back?

    1. Profile photo of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Unfortunately, looks like he’s out 4-6 weeks. The team will have to win some big games, including one tonight against Muskeegon, a regular powerhouse of Michigan football.

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    I’m exhausted just thinking about it … and that’s all I can do, no video for me (iPad). Congratulations! It sounds like an amazing game & many many yards! x