Wot? You can’t log in? Here’s how, Junkie!

How to log into scottsigler.com

We’re sorry that we broke the interwebs with our new site. Honest. Ask Sam over in Accounting, he’ll tell you how bad we feel.

So you can’t log in? Use the instructions above, and see if that fixes your wagon.

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  1. Brandon Winrich

    Ok, so it took me a while to finally get this going, but I’m finally back in. However, my face (or profile picture, or avatar, or whatever you want to call it) seems to have disappeared. Is that just misplaced somewhere, or do I need to re-upload that?

  2. Glenn Dixon

    So obviously the whole temporary password thing didn’t work out. But I did the ‘lost password’ thing, and I’m in. Didn’t even see this post first. Hopefully the rest of your sorry band of misfit followers are tech-savvy enough to figure that out. Har!

  3. matt snider

    Nice, I can use a secure password now ^_^

    FYI. The Pandemic pre-order button in the top right doesn’t seem to work. There is no action on your “href”, so I assume there is some JavaScript that isn’t loading.