Cover for PANDEMIC released

Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy


I posted this on G+, Facebook, Twitter … can you believe it slipped my mind to post it here? Yeah. Idiot. I know. Actually, I thought I had posted it, and was suprised this morning when I came to see if anyone had any thoughts or comments. Go, Junkies, I give you the cover of the final installment of the INFECTED trilogy, PANDEMIC.

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  1. Johnathon

    I have been going insane over how contagious ended and I need a little closure. If you could disclose a little spoiler for me about Perry Dawson. Does he return somehow? I mean seriously, you never fuck with a Dawson!!

  2. N.J.S.

    Is Pandemic coming in greek language shortly after the english version? After I read Infected and Contagious just CAN NOT WAIT for the third book!!!

  3. GeeRace

    Pre-oredered, now when you come to Denver again(wishful thinking), I’ll drive the 6 hours so I can have you sign it. Sealed

  4. scottsigler

    @taylorconnie: We’ll be releasing the audiobook of PANDEMIC at the same time the hardcover comes out, Jan 21, 2014. Awwwww yeah …

  5. taylorconnie

    Will be buying the audiobook… your narration/ characters….can’t wait for this to be released..

  6. scottsigler

    @cjbeck: It should be out in downloadable audiobook when the hardcover comes out in January. We don’t have a release date for the free podcast, but it will be sometime after that.

  7. cjbeck

    Cannot wait. I have not read any of your books but have listened to most. Will Pan be released as an audio book?