Work in progress: my next novel

Monkey and typewriter, brought to you by the Eastbay coupon page at’m halfway through the first draft of my next book, something completely new that isn’t even in the Siglerverse. I’m doing 3k words a day against a thorough outline. The full book is slated at 80k words.

That’s right, it’s not an INFECTED sequel, and it’s not a GFL novel or novella (I start GFL Book V in July, due for release in September, 2014).

It’s an interesting novel to discuss, as I can’t tell what it’s about or There Will Be Spoilers. If you’ve seen my panels at Dragon*Con or attended a SiglerFest, you may have heard readings of this book and some limited discussion as to what it is about.

• Dungeons
• Coffins
• Blood
• Biting
• Things that sparkle

• No, it’s not a vampire book.
• I said it’s not a vampire book, goddamit!

The goal is to finish the first draft in a week, revise that draft in the last week of the month (a power read-through and polish), then kick it to my agent who already has plans for a content revision and for publishing targets.

We shall see, Xur … we shall see.


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  1. jokerdas

    I recall hearing a panel reading of that short story with the Jimmy Stewart voice!  That would be a fun one to read if that is the book you are working on.  Just because it will be in FIRE IS ORANGE, does not mean it cannot go full-lenght book.  You talked about doing that with Hunter Hunterson & Sons.

    Otherwise, it sounds a little medieval, like with dragons and stuff.  That would cover dungeons, blood and biting things.  Things that sparkle could be jewels and crowns, etc.  That would just leave coffins.  Non-Siglerverse is an interesting angle.

    Your dedication and discipline is super impressive!! I, too, am excited to read it!

  2. ratman19

    Whatever it is I am very excited to get something new. Although I would love to see Earthcore 2 or The Crypt 2 at some point this decade

  3. scottsigler

    @occupy_my_rocktopi: Correct, that story is “Laundry Demon” and will be in FIRE IS ORANGE short story collection. And it is not a “Siglerverse” story. 

  4. occupy_my_rocktopi

    I seem to recall a short story from you that involved a wizzard, his sock washing troll, and threats of being turned into the toliet bowl troll.  Or something along those lines.  Is this new book in that realm of “non-Siglerverse”?

  5. scottsigler

    @TheManiacWoodpecker: I think zombies glow when you light them up, but they don’t sparkle. 

  6. Amiko

    New stuff is good. Dungeons, blood, biting and sparkling things… sounds a bit like The Hobbit (or any D&D adventure).

    Not to pry or whine or anything, but is there any prediction about when there will be The Crypt book 2?

  7. TheManiacWoodpecker

    • Dungeons
    • Coffins
    • Blood
    • Biting
    • Things that sparkle

    Is it a classic Fantasy novel? Like Sword and Sorcery?

    Zombies? When you lit some Monster on fire, does that count as sparkling?

  8. zigzag73

    ok  biting blood and things that sparkle. frist thing that comes to mind is gunther porn. anybody else ?