MONSTROSITY: TMNT news, THE WORLD'S END trailer, new Marvel/Disney mashup

We’ve got the new trailer for THE WORLD’S END, hot pics of Megan Fox in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and a sneak-peek at the Disney/Marvel crossover flick BIG HERO 6. Also, Rowdy Roddy Piper! Bubble gum! Ass-kicking!

Leave a comment on the YouTube bit. That gooses something in the YouTube maths, so try it for me and see if it gets the show some promo.

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  1. scottsigler

    @Kefo_of_The_Mountain: Well see there? That’s what I get for being snarky when I don’t know the source material. 

  2. Kefo_of_The_Mountain

    I actually am a Fan of “Big Hero 6” , BayMax is a great character IMHO.  But yes, it is pretty “out there”.  Think Marvel with Japanese Anime and you have it.  I look forward to the movie.



    Skybox #18, Ionath Stadium,  Ionath.


  3. scottsigler

    @KellyTheBuilder: I saw that flick in the theater when it came out. There wasn’t much to do in my town. Once the music video part started, I wanted to kill everyone and everything. 

  4. KellyTheBuilder

    And how long have you been waiting to work in a “Howard the Duck” reference?