FridayFix™: Keep Calm T-shirt survey!

Keep Calm 1 and 2

All right, Junkies, it’s time to vote! After the debacle that was the last T-shirt contest, we’ve decided that all future votes (this one included) must be done in the comments, and by people that have a user profile. So if you haven’t signed in already, do so (or create a profile), and put in your vote.

In your comment, put “I vote black!” or “I vote orange!”

There are no options but these, so while we appreciate comments like “how about crushed-velvet tie-dye with silver sprinkles,” we will be ignoring any such suggestions. These shirt designs were created by in-house artist Scott “BigFish” Pond.

EDITED TO ADD: I feel terrible that I didn’t mention this originally, but the idea for these shirts came from our own Belladonna420. She made a cool graphic for her Facebook page, and we totally stole it. And then I *really* stole it by not mentioning her in this post! Anyhow, I’m sorry for the oversight. THANKS BELLA!

Also based on our last experience, we reserve the right to choose ourselves if this thing goes off the rails. I don’t know how it would, or could, with voting in the comments, but you clever people always surprise me.

Have at it Junkies!

UPDATE on April 20th:

Okay, it looks like black wins the day here. But, since I love you people, here’s what we’re going to do: If you mustmustmust have an orange tee, I’ll be doing a pre-order-only run on those. That means that next week I’ll put up the item for sale, leave it up for a few weeks, then order whatever tees have been purchased after the few weeks are up.

You’ll have to wait longer than normal to get your tee (the few weeks of the pre-order, then the two weeks to get them delivered plus a few days for me to send them to you) but you’ll have a limited edition orange KEEP CALM and RUN THE PLAYS THAT I CALL tee of your very own.

Keep your eyes on this site, pre-order will open next week when we put up the new tees up for sale.


  1. V_L_Boom

    LOVE the Orange!


    …but I HATE!!!! the ‘Keep Calm and…


    Would love to see some of the Tweedy brothers gems on t-shirts instead!


    GO KRAKENS!!!!

  2. sail4sea

    I vote black.  T-shirts should always be black.  I am tired of the “Keep Calm” meme.  I’d rather have a T-shirt with Gredock on it that says, WWGD or “What would Gredock do?”

  3. ScottEPond

    I like my tees just like I like the unworthy souls I consume: black as sin and folded into a nice little bundle…

  4. Happy_housewife

    I like the black one far better than the orange one. Just one opinion among many though.

  5. mavjop

    I vote for the black.

    I like the text colour variation in addition to liking the base colour better.

  6. Darth Splodge

    The orange looks good but the black looks way better, I VOTE BLACK!!


    Also, I agree with the earlier comments, an alternate font for “RUN THE PLAYS THAT I CALL!”

  7. Vincent-van-Doom

    I vote Black!

    Because there is a little orange in it too, so it will be a great Halloween t-shirt.

  8. DarkDiciple

    I note black but want another shirt, black field, orange lettering. Front would say “quit grab-assing” And back would say “and run the plays that I call”

  9. GaryLindros

    I vote Black.

    If the orange shirt lettering switched between black and white ink, it might have been a harder choice.

  10. Dysfunctional Organism

    Normally i would go for the black on, BUT Most of my other clothes are black/dark and Queensday is coming up. (Orange is the national colour) So my vote goes to the Orange shirt.

  11. randomelements

    I vote BLACK!

    Bot only because the orange doesn’t have different colour text like the black one.

  12. ARealGirl

    Hey Junkies! I updated this post above: we’ll clearly print the black for inventory, but I offer you a special option on the orange.

    It’s because I love.


  13. ARealGirl

    Ah, yes, people after my own (tiny, black) heart. 

    So, clearly the black tee wins, and will be the one we stock.  

    HOWEVER! Because you fine folks who like orange (like the FDØ himself) have also made a good showing, I think we’ll run a pre-order only for the orange t-shirt. I’ll set up a button, leave it up a few weeks, then order whatever tee shirts I have ordered at that time.  So if you want orange, you can get it.

    Keep your eye on this site next week for the launch of the new tees, and the orange KEEP CALM pre-order.

  14. The Mad Jew

    Voting for orange. But the dark overlord should offer a combo deal to get one of each.

  15. Kefo_of_The_Mountain



    My aim in life today is to be written in and killed off in a Scott Sigler book (inmortality)..  OH, and to be the Grand Marshal at the Walt Disney World Tri-centenial Parade in 2076 (at age 105, just 2 days shy of my 106th birthday)

  16. Jay_Otaku22

    I vote BLACK

    although if the wording was color accented on the orange one like the black one I would be voting orange as my favorite color is orange but alas it is not so it black for me

  17. Jayski42

    Our family is split evenly between Black and Orange. I therefore invoke the Father’s priviledge and vote Black.

  18. Artificial_Selection

    I vote Black.  I like how it includes black, white, and orange.  The Orange shirt needed some black lettering to make it competitive.

  19. Varzil

    Black. The orange is too close to Auburn orange for me and being how we are a Tide family, well….. you get the picture.


    Beside the black one with the orange and white phrase just looks much cooler!

  20. Hellblazer

    I vote Black!


    That being said, I hope it becomes possible for you to offer them in both colors.  I know most Junkies don’t have the aversion to orange that I do 😉

  21. Binky BoomBoom

    I vote Black! I wanted to vote orange but I wish the “Calm” and “run the” had been in black, like it is in orange on the black. 

    That may have been confusing. I vote Black. 🙂