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  1. Beth_Ailis

    John, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Psycho IV.. I might next time I’m home and really bored. I did a Hitchcock marathon last time Mark went out of town. (Yeah, scary movies when I’m home alone… might not have been the best plan)

  2. BigJohn

    Beth, have you seen Psycho IV? I thought it was really good, especially for a made-for-tv sequel. It even stars Henry Thomas (Elliott from ET) as a young Norman Bates, and it was great to see Elliott get all creepy up in there.

  3. Beth_Ailis

    A ‘Shining’ sequel? That’s going to be interesting. 

    I just re-watched “Psycho” (masterpeice) and “Psycho 2” (don’t bother), so I’ll tune in to see “Bates Motel”

    Thanks for all the updates!