Ascension Day Sale! Monday, April 1 only: THE ROOKIE paperback for 41 cents!

Ascension Day Sale, YA scifi and YA sports eBooks and paperbacks

It was April 1, 2007 that the FDØ kicked the publishing industry square in the ding-ding. That’s the day that ANCESTOR went on sale, a trade paperback from a wee little publisher in Canada. The book hit #1 on’s Horror and SciFi charts, and was the #2 fiction book overall (behind a HARRY POTTER book, fer cryin’ out loud).

This was before eBooks, mind you. We accomplished this with a $15 paperback, not a free or .99 cent ebook, and for that fear we are quite proud.

Henceforth, April 1 is and always will be Sigler Ascension Day! So on Monday, April 1, we’re havin’ us a big Ascension Day sale. Just come to on Monday, April 1, 2013. The sale runs the twenty-four hours of that day, on Pacific Time. We’ll plaster this up on the front page.

Are we crazy? YES WE ARE! Monday, April 1, 2013 only, we’re selling THE ROOKIE paperbacks for just 41 cents each, plus shipping.

But wait! Don’t order yet!

We’re also selling THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER paperback combo for just $4.10 plus shipping.

And for both offers, unlimited copies! What? Did I just say that? I must be innnnn-sannneee!

That’s right, unlimited copies. Shipping depends on quantity ordered and on your location. You’ll get the shipping price when you order on Monday, April 1, 2013.

We’ll be using PayPal, which means you can use your account there or just a straight-up credit card. PayPal helps us dial in cheaper shipping costs for multiple copies, if you’re so inclined to order them.

That’s right, fill it all up. Why not deck out that bookshelf with paperback glory?

Gift-giving season isn’t far away, and neither are birthdays. No one has to know you paid so little for these great books. It’s our secret!

At these prices, a few dollars of your disposable income means great books for the kids in your area. Think of it, Junkie — for a few lousy bucks, you’re helping kids discover reading. And for just $50-ish, you could give ten sets of the GFL Books I & II to your local library sytem.

Face it, there are some kids that don’t want to read Shakespeare or Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for their school reports. That doesn’t mean the kids are dumb, it just means they have different interests. Why not give some lads and lasses the opportunity to grab these great paperbacks from their school library? They have a book they can fall in love with, and hence, discover the joy of reading. And you spread Siglerism!

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  1. scarborshannon

    if the library is not recptive give to the high scool library, they never turn anything I give them away.


  2. Prawatts United

    Wow! Great deal.

    I don’t have money in my Paypal and even though my credit card is linked it always tries to take money out of my checking account, which of now is empty. 

    So I’ll try to put money in my checking account first. How much is the shipping?

    I might even donate it to the local library but I just assumed there were all types of copyright and legal issues with donating books but I’ll ask!

  3. ChrisToohey

    I plan on picking up several copies myself as well as pimping out the sale via Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Will there be a permalink to the sale that I can point people to for tomorrow? 

  4. CyberCowboy

    I’ve got them in hard cover, but getting myself both as lending copies, plus buying The Rookie each of my 4 nephews and 2 sets for local libraries.

  5. scottsigler

    @rgelb: No, this sale does not apply to the electronic version. We mentioned it on the podcast, but weren’t able to get the price we wanted on the Kindle version. 

  6. Nemesis0

    Good stuff, i have the paperbacks of both, but i’m very tempted to pick some up of The Rookie for gift giving…

  7. rgelb

    Is the electronic sale on as well?  I believe I heard it mentioned on the podcast a while back.