My full appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience

Man, this was a great time. ARealGirl and I hit LA to be on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. They U-Stream live video, then put that on YouTube (which is below), and then release the audio podcast. I’ll link to that when it goes up.

What a crazy conversation. We talk police corruption, my fiction process, I get to geek out on MMA, I tell how I came up with the concept for THE ROOKIE, tardigrades, the evolution of sentience, my story of podcasting and getting a print deal, and — finally — I reveal who is behind the NOCTURNAL TV series. Get ready to soil yourself with excitement.

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  1. David Gereg

    Just wanted to say… I’m a new fan BECAUSE of the JRE podcast. I listen to Joe weekly and had never before heard of Scott or his books… So, I checked out all of the free content on iTunes and now I’m HOOKED! I plan to buy Nocturnal and the upcoming Pandemic. fingeres crossed for podcasts/audiobooks of Pandemic and Nocturnal Cheers!


  2. athanas

    One of the best things in the world is to stumble upon a youtube video randomly that has an “Olive Garden Butthole” top comment.  I love that shit.

  3. athanas

    Got around to listening to this yesterday; damn good show.

    Did Joe mention having you back on in the future and have you seen a spike in anything from your appearance?  Those Death Squad fans can go apeshit at times.

  4. athanas

    Powerful FDO.
    Been a big fan of the  JRE for awhile now and was excited as hell to see you on.

    Sadly, I’m a few episodes behind and my OCD won’t allow me to jump in line to listen.

  5. Cal

    Great stuff, Scott.  Love listening to you talk about your process and your craft.  Almost as much as I like listening to said craft…       Keep up the good work.

  6. RoyHobbles12

    Scott, what an epic interview on the JRE.  It was great to again hear your story, your model of providing free audiobook episodes, and the devoted fan base you’ve gained because of it.  I am very happy to see one of the very real and way-talented good guys getting a forum like the JRE to talk about his journey, and your popularity and exposure will only rise because of it.  Which, is my hope, will result in more revenue for you and the team to produce many more kick-a$$ novels that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years.  I do a lot of car travel for work, and your stories have been my main companion on many trips–and it’s amazing how fast those trips go.

    Keep up the stellar work, my friend!