Stupid getting older …

Bye-bye, old friend ...Sometimes getting old sucks.

The Evil Queen™ is still laid up with a monster of a back injury. She’s been out of work for quite some time, which has necessitated changes around the house. Remember when we were all 15 years old and bulletproof? Yeah, that doesn’t last.

So, she and I got to talking about what might happen if I also suffered an injury that put me out of commission — like most families, we’d be in a bit of a financial pickle. Her injury is particularly relevant to my profession, because she literally can’t sit down for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and can’t stand for more than about an hour at a time. Those things are important if your job is angrily punching keys on a computer.

(And before anyone suggests it, no, Dragon Naturally Speaking would never be a solution for my writing style of write a sentence, deleted it, re-write it, move something, move it back, delete, change, etc.).

There is danger inherent in all modes of transportation, including even walking (especially in San Francisco). The thing with a motorcycle, however is how exposed you are to the drunken jackasses, the latte-sipping hipsters that can’t see out of their asinine fake frames, the lipstick-applying ladies focused on the rearview mirror, the “gotta check the scores on my cell phone, bro” dudes, and — above all — the licensed-to-kill bus drivers of this fair city (if you have bad lateral movement, it’s best to vacation elsewhere, trust me, crosswalks and lights are merely suggestions to these cats).

Just one mistake by someone else and it’s two tons of car up against my 155 fighting pounds. As Pookie Chang once said, “you can fuck your math teacher, but you can’t fuck math.”

I know it’s not the greatest bike in the world. It’s not a loud Harley, it’s not a sweet-looking Triumph, it’s not a Buell crotch-rocket or a flashy BMW or anything that turns the heads of other motorcycle drivers, but I loved that bike. Few things made me happier than driving my Savage across town to Borderlands Books to see my buddies Alan and Jude, park that thing right in front between two cars, and stroll in like a gangsta (I still stoll in like a gangsta, mind you, it will just take me longer to get there).

But, the realities of life sometimes catch up with you. People get hurt. Hurt people sometimes can’t work. A two-income family becomes a one-income family, and you have to circle the wagons. While I certainly hate giving up the ride, it’s the smart thing to do. Brains over heart.

And now I have fewer chances of said brains winding up on the pavement. That’s not a good scene for anyone.

How about you Junkies? Ever have to give up that favorite thing or that beloved hobby because of financial woes, time constraints, or just because you have kids and have to start thinking long-term life as opposed to short-term fun?

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  1. Davo748

    You know what Scott ? I had to do the same thing with my Ducati 748. just knowing shes not in the garage is enough to make me weep. But as you say Brains over heart, sign of getting older and maybe a little wiser….:)


  2. OJ_Mathis_Wrenn

    This was a double post caused by a computer loading so slow that I didn’t know it was.

  3. OJ_Mathis_Wrenn

    I’d buy it from you in a heart beat. That could make my pizza delivery much faster if I just put a rack on the back of the bike… Curse my lack of coast-to-coast transportation….

  4. macmkaz

    Three choices occur when you have a wreck on the motorcycle.

    1) You sell the bike because it’s bad luck, buy another, and keep riding.

    2) You fix it up, keep riding, and chalk it up to experience.

    3) You think about the future and realize that you are not visible to most cars. You sell the bike and become a cager. And live long to tell about it.

  5. marklberry


    Sorry you have to give up that sweet-looking ride. Also hope your bride is able to return to full health.

    Two knee surgeries banned me from running. The two sessions under the knife also put a damper on my worldwide adventure treks. I really miss putting on my backpack. We just have to focus on what we can still do. There are other kinds of adventures like sailing and bicycles, and of course–creative writing.

    looking forward to you wrapping up Pandemic and sending it to the Shiv.

    Cheers, MLB

  6. eweidner

    Taught my wife how to ride a bike … big mistake! That’s how she learned exactly how dangerous it is.

    Sold bike (a sweet Honda Hawk NT650!) and started my biz with the cash.

    Still miss it, though …

  7. scottsigler

    @Ray Ning: Ray, welcome! Thanks for the note. That’s really the point, I think, that accidents can happen that have nothing to do with you, even if you’re being extremely responsible and careful.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, but happy to hear back in the game.

  8. GJ

    When we had the hatchlings, we also gave up the bike. Especially being on it at the same time. I used to love riding on the back hanging on to my man. But I guess we had to think about the boys more than us.

    Just now, I’ve given up so much after my accident. I just feel lucky to walk. Even if it is with a limp. In fact, when the pain is bad and I can’t get my shoe on,  just feel lucky to be here at all.

    I wish the Evil Queen a speedy recovery.


  9. jokerdas

    Sweet idea! Sign the tank and auction it off on eBay splitting the proceeds with one of the four charities you support, or even offer it in a raffle…

    (Or pocketing the cash works too. Could not really image Death donating his pale horse.)

  10. scottsigler

    @In_The_Out_Hole: And hence, there will always be a motorcycle industry, because some people choose to not give it up. It really comes down to analyzing the cost/benefit of continuing to ride. Ten years ago, an accident would have been a problem, but not the end of the world. Today, an accident means we are in deep financial doo-doo.

    Now teach Aldo to ride, and all will be well.

  11. In_The_Out_Hole

    Man after reading some of these posts i feel a little selfish. Im pretty sure the thought to give up my motorcycle would never enter my mind without the help of a woman and even then im pretty sure i would say no. I wouldnt mind giving up my cat Aldo if push came to shove… that asshole has shredded all my good sandles. so heres a beer for what weve given up, what we havent and what we’d like to.

  12. WEAZEL

    I feel ya Scott, I gave up my motorcycle when my second child was born.  Although I have life insurance out the wazoo, money’s no replacement for two kids growing up without a dad.  

  13. sail1313

    Hope the Evil Queen gets well soon.  Motorcycles and San Francisco aren’t the greatest mix. Down here in Silicon Valley, on the freeways, with carpool lanes, and a heavy dose of paranoia you can survive.  But all those intersections and merges around SF, yikes, the probabilities don’t work out on our (the motorcyclists) side. 

    Getting old does have its drawbacks (last time I looked you seemed the whipper snapper by comparison to this OJ), but it beats the alternative.  Luckily there are a bunch of cool things us old folks can do in the Bay Area.  For safety reasons I prefer to stay close to sea level and windsurf around the bay. Us Junkies appreciate you foregoing the thrill of the bike and pumping out more great content.Smile



  14. Seth_Harwood

    Dang, bro! Sorry to hear about the bike going away. You guys do have a car, though, right? Yeah. Yeah.

    I can relate with having to give up basketball. Fudd! I won’t even go into the minor injuries, but with a blown out achilles and a severely fractured foot and dislocated ankle in the last 10 years, I’m having to face giving it up all the time now. And I still want to play all the time. A Lot. Really. But I’m not playing… yet…

  15. BigJohn

    Like Old Man Parker, I too almost literally feel the Evil Queen’s pain. I don’t think I’m quite as bad off as she is, but I’m fighting a battle right now with lower back pain that keeps me from sitting or standing for lengths of time.

    I think it’s the result of being too heavy and playing competitive volleyball for too many years at too high of a weight. I’ve paid the price with my knees and back. And at this point in my life, my wife and I are both considering giving up on playing volleyball, which has been our social outlet and principal means of exercise for the last 20 years.

    It’s really hard for me to admit that I may have to stop playing and find something else to do, especially since I was just about peaking at the top of my game last year when I broke the final straw. I still harbor hopes that I will be able to return to the game, but am quite fearful of undoing whatever progress I’m making in this slow recovery.

    I 100% agree with you. Getting old sucks. Best wishes to the Evil Queen for a beneficial recovery. And mad props to you, Scott, for making tough choices to support your partnership with EQ, as well as the additional things you are doing for her during her recovery. I, too, am being well-supported by my wife, who has her own physical issues, in small day-to-day tasks that seem minor, but make a big difference.

    For the Future Dark Overlard, you are a pretty big softy, too. 🙂

  16. TheManiacWoodpecker

    Hey Scott,


    thats definetly a smart move, although i can understand your pain. The problem with driving a bike is that you have to think not only for yourself but also for every dumbass out there on the streets. like you said “you can’t fuck math” sooner or later one gets hurt, and it might not even be your fault!

    Do you still have the bike? I thought it would be nice if Pope Siglerism would sell his bike, like it happend with the old VW Golf of Joseph Ratzinger when he became Pope Benedict.

    a casino in Vegas bought the car for about 190.000 Euro.

    That would be a nice financial  cushion for you and maybe a reckless Junkie would have his fun. Just a thought.

    Greetings to the Evil Queen, i hope she gets better soon.

  17. Old Man Parker

    Aloha sigler Tribe!

    Oh so sorry to hear about the Evil Queen’s back pain. I myslef fight chronic lower back pain. It’s horrble. I’ve been to every possible medical professonal, and not so professonal expert to help out. I healed it myslef twice, by takng walks evey day… but, now it’s back in spades. Much of the damage is from a life of martial art njuries when I was a kid and thought I was indestructable. (damn you Bruce Lee!) Now, it’s careful physical therapy. Of the dozens of things I have tried, over the last decade or so, only thing that seems true is this: Moving is very important. Painkillers can be dangerous (you don’t want to do a Bela Lugosi) but you gotta do what gets you through. Excercise easy. – kids, it’s great fun to study martial arts, I LOVE martal arts, and lifting weights like crazy, but if I could do it again, I’d be more careful…  think about how it will feeel when you are 50 + years old. Treat your body “Nicely”. Keep it in good shape. But, be good to your body, it’s gotta last you a long ass time. And chronic pain will cahnge your life, your career, your relationships, your personality… becareful. Big healing aloha to you Evil Queen… if you can, go fo a nice walk.

  18. scottsigler

    @Jokerdas: I came to riding pretty late in life. My father-in-law got me into it. Didn’t start until I was 35-ish. But your logic is the main reason I got rid of it — for many accidents, it’s a survivability rate of zero.

  19. jokerdas

    Sorry to hear, Scott.  It does sound like a mature, thought out decision, though.

    I have to say, I can ALMOST relate… except for me it was a never had, versus a had to stop.  I grew up on the back of my dad’s motorcycle.  Always running errands with him.  I loved it!  I always wanted a bike of my own. I want to feel the wind as a driver, not a passenger.

    The timing just has never been right.  Financial constraints at first.  We started a family, and wife and I agreed we would be a little more responsible withthe money.  

    When money was no longer an issue, I was in an auto accident that totalled out my van.  Hit by another car! If other drivers cannot see a van, they would not see a bike. – Instant road paste!

    Got past that, then 6 years later, hit a deer on the highway at 70 totalling out another car.  Same thought… hitting a deer with a bike would be terminal!

    My sacrifice is the “never had” for the sake of not wanting to have someone or something make my wife a widow or my kids father-less when I can prevent it by not putitng myself in that position.