Holy crap: a hatchling tat

RevBone76's Hatchlign TatSome things speak for themselves. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t jibber-jab about how effing fantastic this is.

Junkies, I present the “hatching hatchling” tattoo of RevBone76, also known as Junkie Jeremy Daniels. Amazing. This is creative and very accurate to my vision of the hatchlings. The tat is, of course, an image from the novel INFECTED.

I’m always humbled when a Junkie inks up with elements of Siglerism. This time out is no exception. RevBone76, I hope you enjoy this tat your whole life long. May you be 120 years old in a nursing home, with this tat scaring the living shit out of the normals.

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  1. Amy Giltner

    I think it’s time I get some new ink……..although I’m probably gonna be constantly checking to make sure they aren’t trying to escape me

  2. OutlawXIII

    I totally agree with GJ

    that is what I thought them liitle bastards looked like. 

    *grabs shotgun* 


  3. Old Man Parker

    Aloha Siger Tribe!

    Wow! I’m an artist, and I find it the ultimate honor when someone TATTOOS YOUR ART ON THEIR BODIES. – IT’S PRIMAL powerful stuff – your “art”, or in Mr. Sigler’s case, his images and imagination is his ART, and tattoos their bodies with HIS AMAZING “ART”. Fantastic! It really shows how Scott is effecting popular-culture. Creating a Sigler Tirbe in our genre. Sometimes I think this is more important (in the long run) than the $. This is culture – this is what makes life worth it all – our mutual love of Scott’s “Art” – Bravo! That is awesome!