Behold: Baby McButter! (for realz)

Baby McButter

Junkie Jolene sent me this great picture of Baby McButter. Yes, that’s his name! I love to see the Siglerism tats, and I love to see pet names inspired by my stories.

I think Jolene said it best:

“FDO, We got Baby from a friend that had bought him as a gift for his girlfriend. Baby ate more than expected, was more stubborn than expected and tore up more shoes and socks than expected. I accepted to take him in only as a last resort. The night before he was to go to the pound he came to my home instead. I was listening to Ancestor at the time so with his mighty jaw and stubborn will that everything needed to be tasted he earned the name Baby McButter. “

I see the look of evil in that half-open eye … someone give Baby McButter a treat before he tears open Jolene’s throat!

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  1. Jolenna

    Thanks R_W. He’s a mess. (and the cause of them) We had to put a lock on the fridge cause he learned to open it and help himself.