Who would you cast as Bryan Clauser?

Bryan Clauser

We’re still working on the pitch for the NOCTURNAL television series.

First off, an update: I still don’t have a contract for the option. It’s a strange thing, because we’re toiling away on a series bible and writers are scripting the first draft of a pilot episode. No, I still can’t say who is involved. This is a demanding, fun and educational process, so we’re plowing forward hoping that the deal comes through. The task itself provides sufficient reward – so, even if it falls through, A and I are learning a lot about the business, which makes it all worthwhile.

Joe ManganielloNow, onto the good stuff. On Sunday I watched THE WALKING DEAD, then Chris Hardwick’s THE TALKING DEAD. His guests were Robert Kirkman (WALKING DEAD creator) and Joe Manganiello (pictured at left), an actor from the series TRUE BLOOD and the movie MAGIC MIKE. If you don’t know Joe Manganiello, he’s an excellent actor and a pure specimen of manliness. He’s also a crazy genre fan: loves comics, loves WALKING DEAD. I thought to myself: Self, here’s an action star that likes the horror, who can glower like nobody’s business, and who can really sell fight scenes … wouldn’t he make a great Bryan Clauser?

(Yes, I talk to myself a lot. And I always address myself as “self,” although sometimes when I fear my own powers, I say “Mr. Self,” or, “Your High Holy Selfness.”)

I sent my little idea to the producer, and he loved it. Awesome! We’re on the same page for what might make an ideal leading actor for the NOCTURNAL series! Then the producer reminded me of a wee little detail: Manganiello is a prominent actor on a top-rated series. He’s probably not looking for anything new at the moment.

Common sense, right? Hey, I’m new here, cut me some slack.

That got me to thinking of a casting director’s plight. If you want a lead actor with a pedigree, especially a pedigree in the genre world, how do you find a marquee name when the marquee names are already working?

So now, little man (and/or little woman), I give the watch to you. Who do you think would make a great Bryan Clauser for a TV series?

BUT WAIT! There are rules …


  1. He can’t be a prominent character on a current series, unless that series is in its last season. So, no, we couldn’t get a Kit Harrington or a Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (both from GAME OF THRONES).
  2. He can’t be an active movie star Yes, I’d shoot a Hobbit in the face to get Brad Pitt, but Brad’s a little busy … so is Channing Tatum, Will Smith, etc., etc.
  3. ACTING!He’s got to be believeable as a bad-ass. Yes, I know that comes down to ACTING! (quick shout-out to Jon Lovitz), but I think a TV Bryan Clauser has to sell “danger.” One look at this guy should make you think, “maybe I won’t poke him in the chest just to see what happens.”
  4. He has to look the right age: 30-40. Please do not comment “Tom Selleck back in the day would be perfect!” Don’t do that. Don’t be that guy.
  5. No, I don’t want to know who is the perfect Pookie Chang. Not yet, anyway. Focus on Bryan.
  6. A name and a face we know? Packaging a series involves selling it to networks and producers. While they will go with new faces (TRUE BLOOD was full of ’em, and it’s a hit), someone with TV street cred is a better pitch for us. Not a deal-breaker by any stretch, but hey, if you were investing your money in a series, wouldn’t you rather have someone that people already want to see?

Have at it, my Junkies! And feel free to play off of each other’s comments: if someone comes out of the blue with a great pick and you like it better than your pick, say so.


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  1. exotiKali

    Karl Urban is playing the lead AS A COP who fights crime with his part android partner in the JJ Abram’s produced show ALMOST HUMAN coming this fall. Goddamn, I’m good.

  2. jeff lund

    scott i have the perfect guy for pookie…dennis leary!he has the attittyde and hes the only one who could puull off the bri,bri name!!!!lol


  3. jeff lund

    ray parks who played darth maul and is snake eyes in g.i.joe he has the training and the look!!!!!!

  4. icepick

    From the Icepick clan: 

    So, nobody has suggested Tom Welling. I know he’s something of a pretty-boy, but he’s a good sized guy and he’s not doing anything that I know of.

    Niall Matter – Zane from Eureka.  Unfortunately, he’s Canadaian, so I’m not sure anyone would believe he’s a badass.

    Justin Hartley – Green Arrow  from Smallville.  Again, kinda pretty, but Clauser has to have some charisma. The chicks dig him. 

  5. Octopon

    There is no question. It should be GEORGE TAKEI.


    I don’t understand how anyone else could do it

  6. 240_Dollars_Worth_of_Pudding

    Anyone thought of Micheal Pitt from Boardwalk Empire. Not quite physically imposing as the other suggestions, but he is still pretty scary (alla funny games).

    I think Chistian Kane and Joe Bernthal would probalby play more in there 40’s than 30’s

    Personally I’d be against Jason Mamoa I find him to be wooden and/or cheesy (see Stargate Atlantis). He does much better when there is just action or he speaks in a made up language (see Game of Thrones). 

    Ryan hurst is a good choice also

  7. robzilla

    One more guy I think would be perfect is Christian Kane of Leverage fame.  He’s second to Jason Momoa but he would dirty’s up pretty good.  He also had a good run as a recurring character in the Joss Whedon created “Angel” tv series.  In Angel, he also had a very dangerous edge about him.  If you cast him, he could also sing the theme sonf if you chose to have one.


  8. robzilla

    Three that have already been mentioned, which I agree with are as follows.

    1. My favorite pick, Jason Momoa.  He’s a badass in every role he plays, except of course for Jason Ioane in Baywatch, still trying to forget that one.  The Stallone flick, Bullet to the Head, is a perfect example of how BADASS! he is.

    2.  Jon Bernthal is as scruffy as they come and I believe he would bring some Walking Dead fans with him.  I personally didn’t like the character of Shane, but I’m in the minority in my circle of friends.

    3.  Warren Christie from Alphas is pretty badass.  He has this perpetually pissed of expression that is kind of intimidating. 


  9. Tsukebe

    Paul Blackthorne:

    Hasn’t had a starring role in years (since 2007 Dresden Files) – still working in the industry, in a show in it’s last season as a minor side-charecter.

    Tyrell Witherspoon:

    He has the looks, height and a dancer’s physique making him suprisingly strong with an average sized body. 

    Zach Braff:

    Because, c’mon, who wouldn’t like him as Clauser…  He’s scruffy, tall-ish and well known, and just finishing up his latest stuff.

    Nathan Phillips:

    Sold the danger and horro in Wolf Creek… 

  10. Mad Marino

    I love the Liam McIntyre and Ryan Hurst picks.

    I want to throw Domenick Lombardozzi into the mix.  (Detective Herc from the Wire)

  11. fenrisulfur

    Hello there, long time listnere first time commenter.


    I always saw Clauser as a not so handsome Irishman and in that vein I would like to reccomend Dominic West (Mcnulty in the Wire) and Mads Mikkelsen. They are perhaps both a bit old but West can be a bit mean looking but Mads can look like a monster, the only downside is that Mads is to be Hannibal Lecter in a TV show that should be comming soon

  12. wan2ride

    I second Josh Holloway from Lost. Recognisable face for some street cred and he has the physical build/presence combined with a lackluster career.

  13. scottsigler

    @BetaClone76: I think the role would change if Momoa got it, but I’d be okay with that. He’s so damn intense.

  14. BetaClone076

    Though he’s always seemed more like a scary Magnus, Jason Momoa could be rather entertaining. He definitely has that “I don’t think I’ll poke that guy in the chest” attitude going for him.

  15. piipster

    Jason Lee. That man is a chameleon. It freaked me out when I was watching Memphis Beat that I finally realized it was Earl from My Name is Earl.

  16. mrben

    Agree with the other Firefly fans – Adam Baldwin would’ve been good apart from the age. Nathan Fillion would be great apart from being in Castle. Likewise they’ve commissioned a new series of Burn Notice, so Jeffrey Donovan is out of the picture. 

    How about Wil Wheaton? 😉

    James Denton who played Mike Delfino in Desperate Housewives? (Dammit – he’s going to be 50 this year)

    Jason O’Mara from Terra Nova? (Never seen it, but heard good things and it’s been cancelled 😉 )


  17. Serapheem

    and even though this isn’t the place for them I will mention who I thought would be a good Pookie snd the old vigilante because I will most likely forget them after I go to sleep


    Pooks =Ken Leung   Miles from Lost


    Vigilante = Stephen Lang… the badass marine from Avatar



    and thinking of lost Josh Holloway would make a decent Bryan

  18. Syrendiana

    First, let me say Joe Manganiello would be SPECTACULAR as Clauser!

    Running through what ‘stars’ match my Mind’s eye for other Clauser options, none really matched … and the ones that were even close were right out based on 1,2 or 4.

    So I burnt my lunch break surfing IMDB for someone that matched …

    Ran into Daniel Cudmore

    Who is he you say? I have no idea, but he pretty well nails my vision of Clauser Kiss

      And he fits 1, 2 & 4

    So I am going to watch The Baytown Outlaws

    tonight and see how he does for 3.

    As to 6, well, not so much.

  19. Shadygirl

    And the early indications are that “The Cult” will not last long. Rumor is that it is already possibly on the chopping block.

  20. Amiko

    Adam Baldwin is unfortunately 51 years old already. Time flies, Firefly was 10 years ago.

    Movie stars usually look 10-15 years younger so he might even pull it off. Loved him on the Firefly also.

    Hero of Canton.

  21. exotiKali

    Jon Bernthal – Shane from THE WALKING DEAD.  He just filmed a pilot for LOST ANGELS … but maybe if that pilot doesn’t pick up. 

  22. scottsigler

    @exoticKali: As long as Karl Urban keeps doing STAR TREK movies, I think he’s out of reach. If I were him, I’d keep doing STAR TREK movies.

  23. exotiKali

    I agree with the choice of Michael Trucco. Also, I like both the SUPERNATURAL boys but the show has been renewed for another season. Karl Urban would be fantastic. He’s an action movie star but seems to work sporadically. Maybe he’d love some screen time since they never even showed his face in Dredd.


    Ray Stevenson from ROME on HBO (2005). He was badass in that show. I have no idea what he is doing now.

  25. Wesleyan_Hendrix

    I have not gone through and read all the comments, so if anyone else has put forth the same person please forgive me, but I feel you could do really good branding around Ed Quinn.  Get him in a gym and add a little bulk and he would be fantastic.  Take a look at some of his work as Nathan Stark on Eureka and his role in House of the Dead 2.  He is pretty tall though, but I think people might overlook some aspects of the character if he did a great job.  Whom ever it may be that Scott and the people affiliated with it pick will be great though; just to see the show is awesome enough.


  26. Compo-simmonite

    thinking ben browder could work and he’s been off tv for a while so he might work cheap. he can handle action in an effects/creature heavy production (farscape and sg1).  and lets face it he can pull in regular sci fi fans to a new show.  With the right supporting cast his chemistry could potentially be infectious.

  27. kissymansbrokenmoralcompass

    Dont know if hes working on anything at present but its gota be Edward Norton for me.

  28. scottsigler

    @JasDJ: Love the Bos in STONE COLD, but doesn’t strike me as Clauser. Rogan, on the other hand, would be perfect. Loved him in NEWS RADIO, not sure if he’s right for a dramatic part, but damn, he sure looks intimidating. I doubt he’d leave his current setup, seems like he’s got his slice of the entertainment world pretty dailed-in.

  29. scottsigler

    @commawaffle: Adam Baldwin is 51, unfortnuately. He does look younger, but still, that’s 15-20 over the character target.

  30. Belladonna420

    Ryan Hurst would be great, with shorter hair and less facial hair than Opie.  He still needs to be kinda unkempt and scruffy though. Wink

  31. ChrisToohey

    So here’s my approach to this: You want an actor that’s familiar with television acting AND is currently looking for work. For that, I say pick up someone who has a show that’s being cancelled/ending in 2012/2013.


    With Last Resort ending, you have Scott Speedman.

    Of course, Brandon Routh is just coming out of Partners… 

    But I think “freakopedia” nailed it with Ryan Hurst. Just coming off of SOA, he not only has the look your going for, but he’s has the “street cred”. 

  32. freakopedia

    I would say Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons Of Anarchy). He has the size and roughness about him and is a well established actor with such films under his belt as Remember The Titans, We Are Solders and Saving Private Ryan. He’s a known actor but not overly media blown actor.

  33. KasDJ

    Brian Bosworth would be good i think past athlete just completed a movie has the look that would work right age range and at 6’2″ is in the right shape for the part

    Joe Rogan might be a little short (5’8″) and a little old (mid 40’s) to pull it off but he was one of the first that came to mind he has a decent humor  he has training and can be quite intimidating and with the right cinematography could be shot to give the appearance needed to carry off the part



  34. Debbers

    Why not offer the roll to Joe Manganiello anyway?  (How much longer is True Blood set to run?)  Why not offer it to some of the big names that you think may not be interested…especially movie actors.  Kevin Bacon just recently stars in a TV series “The Following”.  He was looking for a TV series.  Regular schedule and job vs. the up & downs in movie filming.  Maybe some of the people you like are open to a TV series too.

  35. jakebible

    Jason O’Mara from Terra Nova.

    Colin Ferguson from Eureka.

    Kevin McKidd from Journeyman and Rome


  36. scottsigler

    @Toothless: I love Desmon Harrington in DEXTER. I would have liked to see him get a little more nuts in that show, but he was subtly disturbed and a nice counter-balance to our favorite serial killer.

  37. scottsigler

    @Calador: I don’t “know” anybody, except the producer and the writers, and so far they are fantastic to work with. Great people. Keep in mind that I’m the n00b here: I can’t make something like this happen on my own, since I don’t have the sales of a George R.R. Martin. The producer and writer all love the book and are excited to make something.

    As for CGI, we haven’t got to that point. There is talk about using practical effects. Everyone involved loves the Stan Winston school as opposed to the CGI approach. I think that all comes down to budget, though — better to have a show with so-so FX than to not have a show at all. It’s still about the story.

  38. scottsigler

    @Borky00: Wow, Craig Horner is closer to how I envisioned Bryan in the book: ripped up, but not the biggest guy, more Bruce Lee than Dwayne Johnson. Not sure how mean that kid looks, though. Good pick.

  39. occupy_my_rocktopi

    I actually don’t really agree that Joe Manganiello would make a good Brian Clauser.  When I read the book and listened to the podcast I did not envision someone like Joe Manganiello.  I see Clauser as more pale and fit, but not buff kind of guy.  Off the top of my head, and because Priest was on a few days ago, I would think Paul Bettany might look the part better.  Or Karl Urban.  Plus they both I think are good actors.  And I guess I need clairfication on the “active movie star.  Yes they both have been in movies recently but is there a level of activeness?  Bettany is in 1 pre-production and 1 post-production.  Urban on the other hand is 2 of each.  So that might shoot them down right away.

    A couple others that I think also could do well:

    Adam Baldwin

    Zachary Levi – not sure on his “badass” beleivability

    Scott Speedman

    Ricky Schroder

    Chiwetal Ejiofor

    Michael Elay

    Josh Hartnett – unless he is being kept in your back pocket to play Perry Dawsey?

    The more I think about it, the more I am thinking Paul Bettany.

  40. Toothless

    I have two suggestions:

    Desmon Harrington – He currently plays Detective Joey Quinn in Dexter.  Dexter is in its last season.  There is something compelling about this guy that makes him stand out in everything he does.

    Dustin Clare – Played Gannicus in Spartacus: Gods of the arena.  The dude is seriously charismatic and can definitely kick some ass.

  41. Calador

    I think you run into a serious problem here. First is the imagining of the series, it seems to me that the stymied imagination of the Hollywood executive stereotype is logical based on the decisions they make. So you must pitch with a star attached, someone who has their own audience to bring along. Like C.S Lee for Pookie Chang or Tom Aldredge as the old hunter. I mean you put Nathan Fillon in anything and it gains a cult following. But the problem becomes that you have boxed yourself in. I mean the problem is that the big muscular and good looking guy hasn’t been in style and you need someone to pull that off and the only person that can pull that off is an unknown. Someone who can create and maintain a new audience. Which is very hard to do, I mean it’s not impossible.

    Anyway the problem I see with it being made is this. The fans are going to be let down big time, CGI monster are often horrid and practical effects can be just as bad (Anyone seen sanctuary if you want a one two combo knockout punch of those things.) you have someone that cares about having this made and if you have an executive/producer or an executive’s wife on board your good to go. After all you know why they kept making Cheers… I may not have been cheers but some other show like it. Anyway I believe it was Cheers I should re check anyway. The reason it kept going long after it should have been put out to pasture is because the wife of the studio owner loved it. It’s who you know. And Scott you don’t seem ‘appropriately’ slimy enough to know those kinds of people.

  42. Professor_Sean

    Warren Christie (from Alphas).  Low profile, badass character, and his show just got cancelled.  Perfect.

  43. tsolo888

    I would love to say Ron Pearlman but I think he is a little too old for the part.  Crap and I jusr remebered he is still working on SOA.  Sorry this was a wasted post.

  44. Bret2466

    Well iv got 2 choices for Brian “the Ninja” Clouser one being Me of course at 6’2” tall I could do it! Jared Padalecki is a good choice for his hight an training in supernatural the tv show.