PANDEMIC available for pre-order

Hatchling!PANDEMIC now available for pre-order from Click here to pre-order!


For autographed copies, visit Borderlands Books. Hint: you’ll have to call them or email them from that site, as they won’t have a pre-order available.


We don’t have a cover yet, but I promise you that the insides of this book are going to get nasty.


Five years after the end of CONTAGIOUS, the world faces a horrific new threat that begins in Lake Michigan’s deepest, darkest, coldest place. The cataclysm of the Orbital’s efforts goes global — what began with a single man now threatens seven billion people.


PANDEMIC is due out October 1, 2013, from Crown Publishing.

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  1. Scotten

    Would love to pre-order, but will get this one as an audiobook.  What is the best way (to benefit Scott Sigler) to purchase it…

  2. scottsigler

    @Pookies Love Child: Your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me, PLC. We’re onto your nefarious strategies.

  3. Pookies Love Child

    Scott, I wish I were. But I saw it on this site. sandwiched between Title Fight and The MVP audio book. Of course today it is gone. But when I posted it was there. Oh dear… Lemme check my bank account.

  4. Pookies Love Child

    Did I miss something or did I just see and order Pandemic for under $5? I thought it was $26 at Borderlands….. Hmm

  5. Varzil

    Yeeeeehaaaaa. I am so glad to hear this. Gonna preorder it in a few minutes.

    BTW, if you ever run into Terry Deary, please whack him upside the head and tell him that at least one fan of yours discovered you at the local library and now owns a copy of all of your books, including both versions of Ancestor, well except Earthcore I can’t seem to find a copy of that one. I did manage to borrow it through an Inter Library Loan and read it and if ever you do a re-release, it too will go upon my shelf.

  6. scottsigler

    @Pookies Love Child: Which trilogy? Do you mean the INFECTED trilogy? If so, that’s a “go,” the TV show has nothing to do with it. Got to deliver that book to Random House by hook or by crook.

  7. Pookies Love Child



    I know you are busier than a one armed Sklorno in an ass kicking contest, but I need to know. Since Pandemic is being pre-ordered now, does this mean that the trilogy will be on hold until after the tv show is up and running?

  8. andremorais

    I´m ordering a copy right now from amazon!!

    (love your book, Scott!)

    Yours faithful portuguese junkie,


  9. marklberry


    i’d love to see some scale perspective next to that awesome triangle graphic. A foot tall right out of the host, or evolved to some nasty greater proportion?

    Cheers, Mark L Berry

  10. Fabian The Fixer

    Yeah! Just preordered my copy. Hope it arrive before my departure to the PUV James Keeling… You know, I must pay for my crimes with a 2 year tour.

  11. scottsigler

    @Chris: Look at you and your fancy font! The next projects after PANDEMIC are a book called FLIER, the fifth GFL book, and the GFL novellas THE RIDER and THE THIEF. If we get those done, we’ll let y’all know what comes next. We’re also working on a TV series for NOCTURNAL (pre-devlopment, don’t get too fire up yet).

  12. scottsigler

    @Brain-dead: We have no plans to tour this year, so ordering a personalized copy from Borderlands is your only chance for one.

  13. brain_dead

    Hey do you think that you may have some kind off event at borderlands? Wondering if calling back and asking for a personalized copy would be my best and only chance for one.

  14. scottsigler

    @DEAD_SILVER_EAGLE_BAYL06: The pre-order push is on right now! I don’t know if we’ll do the prize push like we did for NOCTURNAL. It depends on if the publisher is going to do any significant marketing — I can generate a shitload of sales, but if they’re not going to match the effort to push us over the hump, it’s not a good return on my investment.


    HAZZAH! That there illustration of a triangle is superd. I’m drooling all over the place because of it. 10-1-13 is so far away and at the same time it’s right around the corner. So will you do some sort of pre-order push for Pandemic just like you did for Nocturnal? If so I would like to have a pallet full of those.