No GFL pre-order this year

JBryan Clauserunkies, for the first time since 2008, we will not be doing a hardcover pre-order event. The event will be back next year, on SuperBowl Saturday, February 1, 2014.

You may have heard us mention that this year’s pre-order was supposed to be a hardcover compendium of three GFL novellas: THE REPORTER, THE DETECTIVE and TITLE FIGHT. That was the plan, fo sho, but something else has come up that demands our attention. That thing? A NOCTURNAL TV series.

I’ll tell you more about that below, but first, look at all the things we’re doing in 2013 that also contribute to our no pre-order decision:

  • ROOKIE Audiobook (need to record the YA version, so we can put all four books in the Audible store)
  • NOCTURNAL Audiobook
  • FIRE IS ORANGE eBook, the third book in the “Color Series” of short story collections
  • PANDEMIC hardcover (trust me, it will be worth the wait)
  • THE CRYPT Book 1 eBook (by year’s end)

So you can see we have a poop-load on our plate already before the opportunity for the TV show came up. If we went ahead with the hardcover pre-order, we were afraid we would be too busy when it came time for layout, proofing, cover design, packaging, shipping, etc. Four years of experience means we know how much time these things take.

The problem is, if we do the pre-order I would be maxed out for the year. If the TV producer then wants me to work on elements of the series, I have to give up work somewhere else. Quality lowers, stress increases, and I still probably can’t fulfill the producer’s request the way it needs to be fulfilled.

So, we made the executive decision to postpone the hardcover novella compendium. That means I can react when the TV producer asks for stuff. I will have the time to do it right.

Are A and I bummed about not doing a pre-order event this year? Hells yes we are. That’s our bread and butter for the year, the one thing that helps us connect with the Junkies (even more than the podcast does). We hope you will all be back for the 2014 SuperBowl Saturday event, when we will be taking order for the fifth GFL book (no, we can’t tell you the title yet).

No. Not even close. At this point, we don’t even have a signed contract, so we can’t even say the show is “in production” yet. The odds of the show actually happening are very slim, like all things in Hollywood. The producer is asking for a lot of new material, and we are working hard to give him the tools he needs to make the series a reality.

In short, we’re investing in a long-shot. If a series happens, it’s a massive boost to Dark Øverlord’s future. Many great things will come out of it, even if the series only lasts one season. There is enough potential benefit that it outweighs the loss of the hardcover compendium.

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  1. Brendan burke

    So will there be a TV show or movies or anything for the GFL seris? Like or even a madden game or are they a long shot?

  2. scottsigler

    Hell, I think we need to hit up these guys. Someone out there has to have a football game that they would like to re-skin. Still a ton of cash, though.

  3. athanas

    I still think that we just need to convert an old school game modder who can come up with the sprites and attribute tweaks to turn an SNES Tecmo Bowl game into a GFL game to be played on PC via emulators.
    Until then, Mutant League Football does a good job of filling the void, but it’s like a Hydrox when you want an Oreo.

    …maybe I should finally take the leap and look into modding.  I do have plenty of time on my hands.

  4. PeterGermany

    Seeing any of your work on screen when it happens is going ot be amazing. For me Infected would be a perfect one to make into a movie (I know it had been optioned but not sure if anything ever got going on it). It would make a good movie because it would not cost silly money because the majority of it takes place in Dawseys flat. With the right director it could be a majorly intense movie.

  5. scottsigler

    @Big_Lar: Believe me, we’d love to see that happen. I think the series has to move some big numbers first before EA would get involved.

  6. Big_Lar

    A GFL movie would be great, but I’d love to see a GFL edition of Madden come out!  Use the game engine, but replace it with the GFL physics and teams.

    Make this happen FDØ!

  7. TheShaman

    Thats where CGI comes in…  You’re the Dark Overlord… MAKE IT SO! Its a great story, would be a stellar summer popcorn movie… Just need to find a studio like Columbia or WB to back it… But I’d be good with anime too. Anime would need to be a series like Clone Wars or something on Cartoon Network. Drag it out one episode, week by week through the seasons. Hey. I can hope/dream too.

    Keep up the super mega awesome work.

  8. scottsigler

    @TheShaman: I think the GFL series will someday be an anime. I can’t imagine a live-action of it, it would cost like one meelion dollars. As for ANCESTOR and INFECTED, we can always hope.

  9. TheShaman

    Always thought the Rookie (the entire GFL series for that matter) would make a great movie(s). But yeah, Ancester or Infected I would go see in the theater AND buy the Super Mega Deluxe Directors Cut Edition Blu-ray

  10. scottsigler

    @Wesleyan_Hendrix: We’re working on both. We hope to have THE CRYPT out as an eBook at the end of the year and maybe a paperback. EARTHCORE is still in limbo.

  11. Wesleyan_Hendrix

    Oh and any thoughts to making The Crypt into a paperback or something and do you ever see yourself releasing Earthcore in some form of print book?  I may only be 30 but, I am kinda old school and like the paper versions of books; my eyes are bad enough and I stare at a screen all day anyway.

  12. Wesleyan_Hendrix

    I loved Nocturnal and would love to see it as a series; and I am %100 positive Pandemic will be awesome(considering all the other books are great), but speaking personally if you do get to the production and air phase of Nocturnal and it is a hit(like it rightly should be), please, please get a script version of Ancester to someone.  It is my favorite of your books and the whole time I read it, all I could think was “MOVIE”.  Anyway keep doing what you do; it’s fantasitc and do not worry we can wait.  After all, your success is our success.