More Lego CRYPT pics

Rear of the Lego CRYPT

Kelly the Builder continues to make work on his giant-honkin’ Lego model of the PUV James Keeling. Almost four feet long and weighing in at five pounds, he’s heading into the finishing touches.

What do you think, Junkies?

Four feet of fury ...

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  1. Old Man Parker

    Aloha Sigler Tribe!

    Why do I have this strange vision of Kelly pushing his 5 year old away as he madly assembles the CRYPT…. his child sniffing and crying… “I wanna’ Play with my Logos now!”

  2. jokerdas

    That is very impressive! Just the sheer size out of little plastic blocks! Kelly The Builder has some mad Lego skills! Especially given the limitation of Lego parts in general!

  3. JP

    Looks very cool!  It’s “cleaner” than I’d imagined; I pictured something more…bristley, haggard, even ugly.  Then again, those clean lines make “The Crypt” look like an actual coffin or crypt.  Perhaps that makes it a bit more terrifying: what we see on the outside doesn’t betray what actually happens on the inside.  Does that baby open up to expose certain nasty innards?