MONSTROSITY for 1/6/13

PACIFIC RIM robots have huge inseams and a huge trailer. Author James Rollins busts out that vampire action, and these bitches don’t sparkle. Check out scenes of DEAD SPACE 3, due out in February. This episode sponsored by our Eastbay coupon page.

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  1. Old Man Parker


    Speaking of giant kaiju monsters – thanks for the good review of “NEMESIS-a Kaiju Thriller” – by Jeremy Robinson. It has a darned nice review by Scott Sigler, so… I got the audio book. And, Scott you did not steer me wrong. it RAWKS!


  2. scottsigler

    @Old Man Parker: I think you might have something there. Also? My new rap name is “Pzcific Rim.”

  3. Old Man Parker

    Aloha Sigler Tribe!

    So If anyone is paying attention “The Cabin in the Woods” is part one. The sacrifice dosn’t work. The Ancient ones rise. : Part Two. That’s “Pzcific Rim”

    Get it? Huh Huh? 


  4. GreyFox

    A third person shooter is game where you can see your avatar I.E your charcter. while a first person shooter (fps) is well as if you are the charcter you will most likely be able  to see your arms/hands and your weapon of choice. examples of a fps would be call of duty or halo. Once again i mean this to be informative not be a DB. But hey if this is any way helped one of my favorite authors then I would defintley say this has been wourth my time. side note the fact that you actually respound to comments is awesome.

  5. GreyFox

    yes lol. because the camera is locked and you can not freely move it around like other thrid person shooters like uncharted or metal gear solid.  Another game  series that uses over shoulder 3rd person is resdent evil. another survival horror series. i think the idea behind doing it over the shoulder is to limit the players view which can highten suspence and  change the way u aim and move your charcter.But they might have changed dead space 3 into more of a 3rd person S.H.  Either way if you have not played dead space 1 or 2 i highly recomend them.

  6. scottsigler

    @GreyFox: Okay, so there is “third-person shooter” and “OTS third-person shooter,” yes? So would that be an OTSTPS?

  7. GreyFox

    Dead space is an over the shoulder third person shooter. I’m commenting to be informative not to be rude. But hey we all make mistakes pluss your awesome so it doesn’t matter!