Holy. Crap. Beth Copenhaver schools Alex Trebek

This is awesome. Awesome, I say. Props to the amazing Junkie Beth Copenhaver (and thanks to Keith Hughes for the sweet video hookup).


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  1. athanas

    That is awesome, Beth.  Way to go!

    My DVR also had a major snafu; I was sitting down to watch it before calling it a night on Christmas and what do I get?  30 minutes of a meaningless basketball game instead.  What a rip that was.

  2. brain_dead

    wow congrats on the nation wide shout out, lol now if we can get more junkies on tv then you should be riding the charts non stop.

  3. BigJohn

    Thanks, Keith, for posting the video so we could all see the glory. This is one of those “SkyNet becomes self-aware” momentous dates, to be sure!

  4. EN_Klein

    And that my good sir Is how you gets some extra sailes.  Just get all your fans to go on TV shows where they ask about their lives and make sure they mention you.


  5. Beth_Ailis

    LOL, Gmork – I think they would’ve cut that out of the show. I’m not sure when the show will air in Canada or elsewhere. Yell

    And thanks, Keith – we had a DVR-FAIL at our house.

  6. Gmork

    Omg. So awesome! What a great shout out — and on a nation wide show!!

    Now, Beth, if you only had answered Alex Trebek like the SNL Sean Conery skits.

    Alex: Is it true you’re a character in a novella.

    Beth: That’s what you’re mother said last night in bed, Alex!