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  1. scottsigler

    @shadygirl, @exoticali, @macmkaz: Than’s for the feedback. We’ll keep tinkering with the style. We’re fighting for some of that short-attention-span demographic on YouTube, but it will take us some time to settle in to a natural approach that makes sense.

  2. Shadygirl

    I agree. I dont mind it some, but this was just a bit too quick. I do suspect that is a taste of what is sounds like inside the FDO’s brain. He never stops. 

  3. JP

    Oh no you dint just say “expose yourself” and “scull tapped” in the same post.  (Goode Mourning Kali.)

  4. exotiKali

    I agree. I know most YouTube news vlogs do this sort of editing, but this was so fast that it was distracting. 

  5. macmkaz

    I liked the content. I didn’t care for the editing which eliminated the pauses bewtween phrases. Likeyouweretryingtocutthetimedownasmuchaspossible. This sounded so unnatural.

  6. exotiKali

    Very cool show – I hope you get to expose yourself to a lot of potential new junkies. I suck at shooter games but I can’t wait for Colonial Marines. It would be an honor to get skull tapped by an Alien.

  7. scottsigler

    @cavemanstirs: I know, right? I hope I’ve met my deadlines when that bad boy comes out, because productivity is going to drop.

  8. cavemanstirs

    Scott, great show. I can’t wait to load up Aliens: Colonial Marines, turn down the light, turn up the volume and start screaming ‘They’re in the walls!’