Goodreads Choice, thanks fer your votes!

The Goodreads Choice 2012 awards are all done: NOCTURNAL came in 5th.

• THE TWELVE by Justin Cronin, 7,414 votes
• ODD APOCALYPSE by Dean Koontz, 6,549 votes
• ON DEMON WINGS by Karina Halle, 3,945 votes
• BLACKOUT by Mira Grant, 3,909 votes
• NOCTURNAL by yours truly, 3,614 votes

The category had a huge jump in participation from 2011. In 2011, 18,950 people voted in the horror category, while in 2012 41,104 chimed in. That’s an increase of 217%, significantly larger than the overall participation in all categories combined (638,603 in 2011 compared to 1,156,852 in 2012, an increase of 181%).

I think that’s all indicative of the growth of the Goodreads site. It really is the main place on the internet to discuss books and share your thoughts. Reviews on Goodreads outnumber reviews on Amazon by factors of ten-to-one, or higher, for the exact same title.

What sucks is I looked at the 2011 horror winnner – Mellissa Marr’s GRAVEMINDER, which won with 3,264 votes – and thought, “hey, we can hit those numbers and compete for this thing.” Well, we did, but the overall competition increased a helluva lot more.

Going up against a best-selling horror icon like Dean Koontz, and a marketing-budget juggernaut like Justin Cronin, I knew we had a steep hill to climb. Ballantine spent somewhere between $500,000 and $2 million to promote the first book of Cronin’s vampire series, THE PASSAGE, which, obviously, creates a lot of sales and awareness which translates into hundreds of thousands of people waiting for Book II. That’s pretty tough to compete against.

Koontz is a legend with legions of fans. He’s been doing this – literally – since before I was born and has been a mainstay of the industry for most of that time. Add to that fact that his entry into this year’s contest was Book 10 of his popular Odd Thomas series, and it was obvious he’d bring in the votes.

Mira Grant’s BLACKOUT was the third an final book in her NEWSFLESH zombie series. I’ve read the first book in that series and it kicks ass. Pick it up if you’re looking for a smart, sciencey zombie book that really embraces the internet and blogging culture (political warning: according to the book, Republicans are far worse than the undead). The first book, FEED, made all kinds of Years’ Best lists. I knew BLACKOUT was going to be a strong entrant into the horror category.

The one that really surprised me was ON DEMON WINGS by Karina Halle. I admit I hadn’t heard of this book at all. Halle took the bronze (9.59% of the vote to me 8.79%). She doesn’t have a big Facebook or Twitter presence, and we seem to be about even on Goodreads as far as reviews go, so I’ll be looking to see if I can learn how she connects with her fan base and how she generate such a monster turnout. People come up with new ways to connect and market all the time, and watching those who succeed is just part of the business.

Placing higher would have been a big boost to the TV series efforts, but we fell short. It’s reasonable to think that upwards of 80% of the people who read this post voted for the book, so I thank you!

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  1. Twainy

    So … I need to read The Passage before I can get to 12, I have both just haven’t found the time. I have book one in the Odd series, just haven’t been able to get into it, which is odd because I like the author well enough, maybe he ticked me off on the Frankenstein books? Third one on the list, never heard of the book. Mira, I liked Feed, book 2 was a disappointment, I have book 3 but no time to read it yet. I voted for the 5th book! I love Scott Sigler & his amazing junkies! Great book so far too! Of all the books above its the only one Ive made time to read 🙂 Congratulations! In my mind (as in others here) you’re number one!

  2. scottsigler

    The series has been cancelled because the artist still hasn’t finished Issue #2, but there’s hope! If he can get the entire run done by the end of December, IDW will put it out as a full graphic novel.

  3. ratman19

    Hey you cant win them all, although you should. It just wasnt your year. Now when Pandemic is released next year…..I think its fair to predict youll come away with a medal…no pressure. Speaking of the infected series…whats going on with the comics?

  4. flashman

    Hey top 5 is not too shabby especially when going up against some big hitters. Plus new junkies, welcome to the Siglerverse, Mollie78 🙂 

  5. brain_dead

    Sad you didnt place higher, especially since one of those books that placed higher, was in my opinion an inferior piece of work that I was only able to finish through shear willpower. That said hopefully this will help bring about more and more fans and keep you writing these books I love. Congrats on being in the top 5 and im sure you’ll do better next year.

  6. avinjer

    I am saddened by this turn of events. Hopefully a top 5 finish will generate enough interest in the movie/tv industry to get some of your books on the screens. Better luck next time and I know we’ll see better numbers next year.

  7. Amiko

    #3 would have been a reasonable target. Too bad we fell only 350 votes short.

    10% increase in turnout and we would have made it to the pedestal.

    It’s so sad some “fans” found it too hard to create an account and vote.

    Well, there will be years to come and my dream is to see ‘The Crypt’ on the small or on the big screen. For me ‘The Crypt’ is by far THE best Sigler story and I can’t wait for it to continue.

  8. silivrensf

    It looks like Karina is extremely new. She may be using Goodreads itself to talk to her fans so they were more aware of the contest. Plus it’s easy to get the first big rush of fans to do what you want, it’s harder to do what you do scott, which is gather fans from basically EVERYWHERE and keep them around for a long time: you have 14,000 registered users on your site :0. Also she’s probably benefiting from pioneers like you who have had to discover the hard way that self-publishing can be a better way to go these days. Even Nathan Lowell has jumped ship (so to speak) and is re-editing to release his books on his own. I also saw your posts about J.C. Hutchins’ release of his 7th Son sequels to e-book. All of you guys deserve a lot more than you ended up with. Fantastic writers who got passed over.

    That’s my two cents on how it all looks to me.

    I wish I knew more people who enjoyed horror/thriller/scifi. Damn you Stephanie Meyers/Gunther Jones! (For the record, I love The Host, not Twilight, and I’m stoked for the movie coming out next year).

  9. wan2ride

    The Siglerverse is on a collision course with television/cinema the only variable is time.

    We’ll get’m next year.

  10. BigJohn

    That’s what I like about you, Scott. Gracious in defeat, even though you’re keeping your own kill list of this year’s winners. But it’s obvious that you’re a fan, too. You took 5th place (a great achievement – and something we can say, “yeah, we knew him when…” about) and take it as an opportunity to check out some of the competition and learn more about the guerilla marketing. Would you say that only the top 2 were big 5/big 3 properties? Were #s 3-5 all independent?

    Great turnout for the Junkies, too. We are legion!

  11. jokerdas

    Welcome to the site, Mollie78!  After Infected and Contagious you will be climbing the walls for another 11 months waiting for Pandemic to release.  Until then, a quick way to ingest more of Scott’s work is through his podcasts!  Itunes has his stuff free to enjoy! Just search the podcasts for Scott Sigler, browse, subscribe then let the bone-chilling, hair-tingling, pucker-inducing Siglerverse draw you in.


  12. Beth_Ailis

    Damnit! I really wanted you to win. I hope that you get lots more new readers from the exposure.


    truly a sad day. i guess one good thing is it made it to the top five. hopefully the person you happen to be talking to about getting it made into a tv series sees that this is worth optioning. 

  14. GJ

    I’m sorry that you didn’t make the number 1 slot. I personally think that you deserved it. We will have to all work harder to share your facebook, G+ and Twitter posts to continue to spread the word about Nocturnal. We can try to “infect” as many new Junkies as possible. Chin up Scott X