Site Maintenance TONIGHT!

The site will be down starting about ninety minutes from right now for scheduled maintenance. You will not be able to access all of this right here, of course, and I’m sure this will make you nervous. Sadly, because I am posting this on the same site that will soon be down, I will not even be able to directly you here so you can read it and know it’s a planned outage and we’ll be back soon. We expect four hours or so of downtime.

But it is, and we will.

And when we’re back, I’ll have all sorts of great things to tell y’all: a quite belated thank you and summation of THE MVP gestalt, some thoughts on what it means to be a ‘creative adjacent’ as I like to call my role in the partnership that is Dark Øverlord Media, and even a bit of news about what’s coming down the pike.

But first things first: site updates tonight. We’ll be gone for a short while. But don’t fret — we’ll be thinking of y’all. And also chocodiles, because those are always on Scott’s mind.

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    I did some research and we’re pretty much SOL with emoticon support on iPad and mobile devices in the comments area.  We didn’t have emoticons in the comments before, and added it in when we switched to a better editor.  

    So things work great if you’re using a web browser, ie. you now have emoticons in the comments.  But if you’re on an iPad or mobile device, best to not use emoticons at all because it is not supported on mobile browsers.  Sorry there’s not much we can do at this point since it’s a third party piece of software, unless any of the junkies out there are javascript ninjas who can hack on this issue.


    Thanks for the pic; no, that is not the intended functionality.  We’ll take a look.  Kali was having probs with smiley’s on an iPad.  Are you using an iPad also, and if it works for you, what version of iOS are you using?

  3. Belladonna420

    I made one comment and this is what shows up on my home page.  This cannot be the intended functionality.

    Also, not having trouble with smileys, Kali. Tongue Out

  4. dozier1375

    This only happened after the udate. When I see the home screen with the list of who has made a comment it looks as if you (WEAZEL) made 5 comments on this thread, around 5:30 EST.


    Ah, I see what you’re referring to now.  That’s actually the intended functionality.  For all the posts & threads that you participate in, anytime someone posts onto that thread, it will show up on the Home tab.  This is a quick way to see what’s going on.

    So if you have a lot of comments and replies, as happens on a busy thread, you’ll probably see the person’s name multiple times.

  6. exotiKali

    Yeah, itsays “admin only” but it posted to mine & yours. On Guessy’s, I couldn’t post at all. 


    ok, i can duplicate the issues you’re having on my ipad. We’ll take a look and see if the 3rd party editor that we use for the comments has options for better ipad support.

  8. exotiKali

    A new page pops up to select the emoticon, and then after you choose itgoes back to the original comments page and now the emoticon is there but the words are gone. 


    Hi exotiKali, Smile

    Can you tell me what operating system and web browser you are using?

    I couldn’t duplicate the emoticons error.  Undecided

    And I could also delete without any problems.  I’m using Chrome on my Mac running Lion. 





  10. dozier1375

    It look like one person is posting a dozen times or more in any forum, when they are only posting one comment.

  11. exotiKali

    Frown Emoticons can only go in the beginning of the comments because it wipes out anything that you already typed.