That’s my main man Nikolai Volkoff, at right, turning in his Soviet banner for a CONTAGIOUS flag because the book just sold Russian language rights.

Exmo Publishing bought the rights. They will publish also publish Infected and Ancestor in December.I’m told this is one of the biggest publishers in Russia, and that they will do a great job bringing my work to the good peeps of that massive country.

Volkoff was a tag-team partner with the Iron Sheik. I loved watching these guys antaongize the fans with their anti-American sentiments in the olden times of the WWF. Anyone else remember the Camel Clutch?

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  1. scottsigler

    The Russian Sickle was lame. The Camel Clutch was bad-ass. I will always associate the Clutch as that tag team’s finishing move. “Iran! Number One! Russia! Number One! America? Hach, phooey!”

  2. athanas

    Waaaaiit a minute….the Iron Sheik’s finisher was the Camel Clutch.  Nikolia’s finisher was the Russian Sickle, wasn’t it?


    I might haved typed it incorrectly Den Pobedy in english means Victory Day. Nikolai Volkoffs actual name is Josip Nikolai Peruzovińá. My apologies for the misunderstanding.


    That is the face of pure excitement. Hold that flag high, hold it high. Den Pobedy!