Voted! Post your voting photos, suckas!

A voting day self-portrait

Americans, it’s a day of celebration. Despite the endless conspiracy theories, the hate spewed online, the comments of idiots, the childish campaigning of both sides that panders to the lowest-common-demominator of easily swayed idealogues, today we celebrate the beginning of yet another peaceful exchange of power (if Obama wins, I still count that as “peaceful” even though power doesn’t change hands).

No bombs, no revolutions, no coups and no guns (even though we got a lot of guns, mind). This will be the fifty-seventh straight election without a violent fight for (or to retain) power. Do we have problems? Hell yes we do. For the most part, the statistically overwhelming part, do we settle those differences with votes? Hell yes we do.

If you voted, cheers to you. Upload a pic with your “I Voted” sticker and paste the link in the comments below. I’ll make the pictures visible as the day rolls on. If you didn’t vote, that’s your choice, and you won’t get any bad-mouthing from me. Voting is a right, not an obligation.

Until such time as my armory is full and the plaid tanks are ready to roll, slaughtering millions as I remove all choice and free will from the face of the planet, this system — while far from perfect — is still pretty damn good.

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  1. athanas

    Nope, that was just for medicinal use.
    Amendment 64 was for the outright legalization of up to an ounce of cannabis for people over the age of 21.
    It won strongly but I’m not holding my breath that it will be an actual law any time soon.

  2. jawinn

    Was listening to the MVP audiobook while standing in line for an hour and a half yesterday. Thanks for taking the pain out of waiting to vote FDO!

  3. dablacksun

    FDO maybe you can do a little 500 word note on evil ballot boxes tying people down and making them read pages of “legalese” until their synapses fry together like so much bacon cooked at once on a saturday morning

  4. Shadygirl

    JP and I both voted. CB stole our stickers. I have no idea where they went. CB voted today too. He voted for cookies over pretzels in school. It was unanimous.

  5. scottsigler

    Celebrate with chocolate? My kind of people. I bought a “giant” Hershey bar with almonds and a new thing of Jiff peanut butter. Break, dip, eat, repeat. That’s how I celebrated my Voting Day.

  6. avinjer

    Son of a….. I didn’t see this until I had already tossed the sticker. I tried digging it out but all the mess from disposing of the bodies was all over it and it was kind of gross so I thought I’d skip the photo. But on the plus side I did vote and therefore I have exercised my right. That qualifies as exercising right? Bring on the chocolate it’s time to celebrate!

  7. scottsigler

    Sorry, sir, I can’t figure out how to copy the instagram image link to make this show up here. I might be the only one in the world who doesn’t use Instagram.