INFECTED graphic novel: on hold

INFECTED graphic novelJunkies, I bring you bad news. The INFECTED graphic novel is on hold indefinitely. Issue #1 of this 5-issue series is available in stores and online, but we have no date for when Issue #2 will be available.


What’s the deal, you ask? Well, the problem lies not with IDW Publishing, who have been fantastic throughout the process. Unfortunately, the problem lies with us.


Artist Chad Minshew has yet to complete Issue #2. We’re about three months late turning that in to IDW. We were already late with Issue #1, which caused IDW some level of embarassment with stores and their distributor. They extended the deadline for Issue #2, but when we missed that deadline as well, they had to make a business decision: they will wait until all four remaining issues are complete, and only then will they re-solicit the book and work to put it in stores.


Chad’s work in INFECTED #1 is phenomenal. We’ve learned, however, that he works at a slower pace than we’d like. He is a perfectionist, doing both the art and the color. IDW gave us another colorist to help Chad catch up, but Chad did not like how that turned out and wanted to do it himself to make sure the series comes out the way he envisions it.


So at the moment, the series is on hold. I’m busy working on PANDEMIC, and ARealGirl is busy working on bringing you eBooks for TITLE FIGHT, THE DETECTIVE and THE CRYPT:Book One, as well as managing paperback production of THE ALL-PRO and THE MVP. We’ve got full plates. At this point, we have to trust in Chad and hope he can get the word done sooner rather than later.


Dark Øverlord is not making excuses here. We promised to deliver a product and failed on that promise. This is a black eye for us, and we will learn from it. INFECTED will not be the last comic that we do.


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  1. scottsigler

    @Z-Hunter: No release date at this point. We still don’t have the art from the artist. Our internal deadline is Jan 31, so hopefully he’s working away.

    We haven’t given much thought about the next comic project. We have to do right by IDW before we even consider another project, and that means finding a way to deliver on INFECTED.

  2. Z_Hunter

    Any update on a release date. Also, have you been in talks about what comic to do after infected, are you considering doing an original story as a comic possibly. My 2 cents, I think Nocturnal would be absolutely awesome as a comic.

  3. scottsigler

    Word. A and I are having our share of difficulties right now. Good to hear about Sleeping Beauty almost bankrupting Disney — I always knew that chick was a hoo-ah.

  4. silivrensf

    Depends on the artist. I’m not a huge comic fan, but sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes not. It’s a cost/benefit kind of thing. If it takes longer but makes a lot more money for being bad-ass I think mos of the junkies will be understand 😉 plus you might get more fans picking it off the shelf randomly if it’s really good. 😀 Every new company has it’s nightmare. Even Disneyland had headaches when it first opened. Did you know that Sleeping Beauty nearly bankrupted Disney out of his studio? -salute

  5. scottsigler

    Glad to hear it, from you and the rest of the commenters. Hopefully Chad can get it all done and finish it off strong.

  6. Columbo_the_Splithead

    The first issue was off the chain. I had to get a digital and physical copy cuz that’s how I do. I’ll patiently await the the rest. Oh and I was diggin’ Perry’s OD shirt…rad.

  7. ob1jh

    Majorly bummed, but I agree with the rest. The first episode was phenomenal, The artistry was a masterpiece. Don’t go second rate. I do hope that IDW remains understanding. Infected is spreading and I want more.

  8. BigJohn

    Sad, but occupy’s got it right – don’t rush it and let’s finish the series as strong as it started. Hopefully IDW continues to be understanding and has success with their resolicitation.

  9. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Sad face.  But I would rather it be awesome and belated than rush it and have it be not as good as the first issue.  I’m guessing it will depend on how the comic does, but I would love to see Contagious, Pandemic, and then Nocturnal as the next comics to come out.