THE MVP eBook sent! Amazon soon! Nook soon!

THE MVP eBook cover, sponsored by GoDaddy promo codes at, if you ordered THE MVP between Feb. 1, 2012 to Sept. 5, 2012, you have been emailed a link for your free eBook version of the same title. Click it, download it, enjoy it. We wanted to make sure the pre-order customers got the book first, so they wouldn’t be tempted to buy it and get it before we sent the free copy (we wants your moneis, but not all your monies).

Just click on the eBook image at right, then buy that DRM-free eBook for all formats (.mobi for Kindle, ePub for most other eReaders). And remember, when you buy an eBook directly from us, if somewhere down the road you switch eBook readers (say, from Kindle to Nook), you can come back to this site and download the book in the new format, for free.

We’ve uploaded to all vendors. Now, you just have to wait for the vendors themselves to process the book and put it in their stores. We have no control over this part.
• Amazon Kindle: 24-48 hours
• Nook: 24 hours to two weeks
• iTunes: 24 hours to two weeks
• Sony eReader: three weeks

As soon as all of these links are live, we will post them on THE MVP product page and announce it here, Facebook, at G+, on Twitter, in our newsletter, etc.

When you finish that eBook, remember that great reviews at Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble really help the cause. Customer book reviews sell books, folks, so if you enjoy it, share that news with others.


  1. wyrdwyrd

    I’ve never been a reader of eBooks.  But now I think that’s only because I didn’t have an eBook reader-device upon which to read them.

    eBooks are not perfect.  But in a situation like this, it’s pretty cool.  I get to keep the actual book all nice and pristine and read the book on my cell phone as time permits.

    Also, the reader app I’m using has text to speech.  The text to speech is crappy to be sure, but it’s still pretty awesome to me.  I’ve listened to Scott read all the other GFL stories so it’s not hard for me to mentally replace the lame emotionless voice with Scott’s more impassioned, correctly pronounced version.

    I’m going to be looking for a better ebook reader app in the future, and a more configurable text to speech thingie.  It probably doesn’t exist yet, but I’m going to be persistent until someone else writes it or I manage to write my own.  Main missing feature: spell checkers always let you add words.  You should be able to add custom pronunciations to the Text to speech in a similar fashion.  It wouldn’t even be that hard.  You just need a special screen where you can instruct the text to speech that every time it sees the string “<string>”, it should pronounce it as if it were the string “<new-string>”.   For exmple, text to speech, every time you see “Ionath”, read it as if it were “I-onath”.

    After that, the next-next feature would be some sort of extension to the eBook file format to allow the inclusion of custom pronunciation guides specific to a given book.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  2. Combat_Cook

    Talk about friendship…I just sold my buddy Monkeyfucker my copy of MVP…yes, I know you might think I am crazy…but he is going on a trip to Ireland and wanted to read it.  I agreed to sell him my copy if he ordered me a new copy.  OK my number will be higher but to help a Junkie is worth it.  Besides I finished the book so it doesn’t hurt as badly.

  3. ratman19

    Thank you FDO. Looking forward to hearing about the future works. Unfortunately your East Coast isn’t coming near New Hampshire (Boston would have been great)

  4. ratman19

    An update on when/if us Junkies will be able to download the ebook The Detective if we were unable to make the tour

  5. ratman19

    Thank you FDO. Looking forward to hearing about the future works. Unfortunately your East Coast isn’t coming near New Hampshire (Boston would have been great)

  6. scottsigler

    We’ve even talking about “future works” while on tour. When we get back, I’ll see if @ARealGirl can write that up for all of us.

  7. Calador

    Remember to check you junk box guy’s, I am subscribed to the letters and gotten e-mail from the website but this got filtered into the junk mail.

    BTW when will the MVP forum be up I want to discuss it cause my slack brother still hasn’t finished it.

  8. wraithwaxer

    7 hours and ive just finished the MVP!!!! Gotta say OMFG!!! SHUCKING AWESOME!!! could not put it down even though i have a handfull of exams tomorro but was totally worth it. Scott the series is getting better and better and much praise for the ghostbusters line. As long as you keep writing man, ill keep reading.

  9. ratman19

    Like everyone on this post I have been waiting impatiently for the eBook
    to arrive, mindlessly refreshing my browser and cursing the imaginary
    internet gods who caused such a delay. I just finished reading “Year
    Zero” by Rob Reid when I decided to check the website again.

    that it has arrived (and since it wasn’t available on B&N yet), I
    walked over to Rite Aid (not far, 2 miles) and purchased a Green Dot
    Visa Debit Card, loading $20 dollars on there (minimum needed). Walked
    back home to find my internet shut off (damn bills). Solution? Drive the
    Jeep over to the nearest Wifi Hotspot (happens to be Market Basket).
    Sit down in the Market Basket Cafe with the laptop, register my card on
    Green Dot website, purchase the book from Sigler Store and upload onto
    Nook Tablet (making sure to grab some grocery store sushi before
    departing the store, yumm).

    Now that my mind is at ease and I
    have the book, I find that I don’t want to read it. Why? Because if I
    read it, then its done, and if its done, then I have to start waiting
    again. So I am only on Chapter 2, slowly absorbing every tasty word that
    my brain processes into a single distinct element until they are
    combined into a sentence, and then my brain processes such sentence.

    I would like is this – could a faithful junkie, or the FDØ himself,
    please reply with an update on the “future works” of Scott Sigler? I am
    not expecting anything soon, nor am I being impatient – just looking for an update on “Pandemic”
    and its release date or what the plan is after The MVP cloud settles.

  10. Galactus


    There was a problem with your message
    “email: had already been taken”
    Yeah, it’s taken by ME!
  11. BigBelly39

    This is from another post, hope it helps!


    I have a Kindle Fire, so I’m not sure if this is necessary for all Kindles but on my Amazon account page is says “To prevent spam, your Kindle will only receive files from e-mail addresses you have authorized.”

    To authorize e-mail addresses:

    Go to –> Manage Your Kindle. On the left side of the page, click on Personal Document Settings then, under the heading Approved Personal Document E-mail List, click on Add a new approved e-mail address.
  12. TreeBookConvert

    Well, looks like i’ll be reading the e-book instead of my usual audio purchase…..(that’s less money for YOU FD0! No way i can wait a month to find out what happens to my Krakens!…….and i’ll probably buy the audio as well when it is available…..Well played Sigler….Well played.

  13. Galactus

    LIAR!  I got my book but no email with link to ebook.  What am I supposed to do now?  Read the book?  You mean actually open it and touch the holy book with my dirty human fingers?  

    I don’t think so!
    Send me my fucking link right fucking now!
  14. Psychodad

    Done, and done. Just a few more steps, but no DRM. Same ourchasing setup with Baen Books. I’m a customer over there too. Some of you may want to take a look at their scifi/fantasy titles. Good stuff.

  15. saintlysoft

    @BigBelly39 – you’re right, and I like the rephrase.  It’s much more convenient to just go to Amazon and throw money at them, but I can handle the added stress of copying it to my multiple devices (or even email it to get the syncing working) and the cut they don’t get should sit more nicely in the FDO’s pocket.

  16. BigBelly39

    I think Saintlysoft was talking about your store. To paraphrase;Do we have to wait for all other 3rd party retailers to be up and running before we can give our money directly to you?

  17. scottsigler

    @saintlysoft: Right. That’s what we put in the post, that the store links will be available as soon as the store processes the book. It varies by store.

    As soon as all of these links are live, we will post them on THE MVP
    product page and announce it here, Facebook, at G+, on Twitter, in our
    newsletter, etc.