eBook/Audiobook update for THE MVP

THE MVP paperback and eBook coverFierst: DO NOT PANIC!

Second: What you see at right is the paperback/eBook cover for THE MVP. Adrian Bogart did the art, Scott Pond did the cover design and titles. Together, they are a tag team force of døøm.

Yes, that’s Mum-O-Killowe on the left, bull-rushing an Isis Ice Storm offensive tackle.

Third: It’s September 4, the day THE MVP eBook is supposed to ship out to y’all. When is it coming? The short answer is: any minute now. I had to make a few changes to the cover, which put us a little bit behind on finishing the eBook.

eBook delivery:
The eBook will be available shortly. That means if you ordered the hardcover, you will be sent an email with the download link as soon as it comes online. If you’re waiting to get at the eBook on Kindle and Nook, it should be available at the same time. We’re looking at today, possibly tomorrow.

audiobook delivery:
Our long-time producer Arioch Morningstar was unable to work on THE MVP audiobook. Because of that, ARealGirl and myself fell behind in the production. We are looking at the first week of October as our potential delivery date.

We’re sorry for the delay, but pøøp happens. We’ll get caught up just as soon as we can.

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  1. Clit_Commander_Martin

    any update on the audiobook? it would be cool to see a a fixed countdown on the home page?

  2. scottsigler

    @Sean: We’re a day late getting THE MVP Episode #1 posted. The audiobook is in the final stages. Probably another two weeks or so.

  3. Felix-the-Cat

    Any word on the audiobook release of MVP.  Where do I purchase it through your website,Amazon or Podiobooks. Look forward to the story.

  4. KaptainCu

    Oh please please please let the audiobook be up today-
    Think I remember the 14th being banded around.
    Please Scott- let it be today, I’ve missed my GFL fix…

  5. vacendik

    I don’t want to go listen to something else, so if someone could give us an update on when the audiobook is making an appearance that would be great.  Thanks.

  6. Clit_Commander_Martin

    any update on the audiobook? will it be ready by October 14th, when it first episode is set to air?

  7. BigBelly39

    *Phew* Thank goodness there was at least one more person who’s been mindlessly clicking refresh every 30 seconds for the past 2 days, totally squelching productive time, and it wasn’t just me… 0.o

    Be proud Sigler, you put a dent in Corporate America these past 2 days! Albeit a small dent, you still threw gum in the workings of the cogs. Bravo Sir, bravo…
  8. simonkenrick

    Just finished re-reading the all pro while waiting. My vision is slowly starting to go red. Now i am looking for someone/thing to hurt. If it doesn’t come out soon, i will be reading it from the lockup

  9. scarborj

    I was walking thru a little book store in Odessa Texas (visiting family, ugh I don’t recommend it) about 5 years ago and came across a book with a triangle on it, and it caught my eye so I flipped through it and thought damn that reads like a pretty good book, I bought it, read it and I have been hooked since. Sigler you rock.

  10. scarborj

    5 minutes after I finish the MVP I’m going to be counting down till the next book comes out. TORTURE

  11. scarborj

    I reread all of the other books in prep for the new book and now I’m jonesing for THE MVP. I wish it would hurry up.

  12. TJ-Tigger

    A Buddy of mine who lives 15 minutes away got his on saturday.  Maybe mine was a low numbered book and it was shipped last.

  13. hairybaldman

    End of the day and still no ebook on this site or Amazon!!!!!!  What the crap???  electronic database thingees must work now or perish in a hell-storm of violence, blood and gore.

  14. scarborj

    Scott really likes the violence in his books, but if some of us dont get our books soon, we might turn violent.

  15. avinjer

    The postman came and went and still not book in my shaking hands. Oh if only there was an ebook to read. Wait, let me check, it’s been 2 minutes since the last time. Nope, still no ebook. I guess i’ll start pacing until tomorrow’s postal visitation. 

  16. ByronPretzel

    Last night, to tide me over, I read “the reporter.” Good stuff. Now I need “the MVP!” The prawat cliffhanger is killing me…

  17. CyberCowboy

    Any chance this ebook will have the insert?  I finger-printed up the first 3 books just to read the beautiful color inserts, but even if I had to buy them again in electronic format i’d happily do it.

  18. Tux

    I couldn’t help myself…now I have slight fingerprints on the first 170 pages…I even washed my hands 2 times before picking it up!!!  I had to put it back down because of what I was doing to it.  I need this ebook!

  19. geekacres

    Note to self, send Barely’s incompetent

    mail carrier a nice big fruit cake this holiday season. *heh heh heh*

  20. Barely

    Why do I feel like a Sklorno female who just spoke to the Holy Quentin Barnes?  I am all shaky and can barely contain my movements?!  WHY FDO?!  WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

  21. scottsigler

    Junkies, just hold tight! the eBook is coming. There are electronic processing database thingees to be done before your links are sent out, but do not panic! It won’t be long now.

    And, as far as you know, the reason Arioch couldn’t work on this is because he was killed and eaten. You don’t know.

  22. TJ-Tigger

    I am dying here.  Tree books have made it to Perth Australia but not to Iowa?  I didn’t think that I lived that far out in the middle of nowhere.

  23. Barely

    I am dying here waiting.  I got my tree book and the spine is somewhat
    broken (right in the color middle pages).  I blame the publisher, so
    therefore the FDO must roll his tanks through that place first, since
    they did mess up perfection!  I am not returning the book though, as it
    is signed and numbered.  I just want the ebook so I can fly through it
    during my down times at work.  Who ever is responsible for this delay
    should be eaten, pooped out, eaten again, then after being pooped out
    for a second time, shot then eaten again.  I bet it is my Podcasting
    Fantasy Football nemesis, whom I won’t name, but has posted in this
    thread already.

  24. AusMadDog

    Oh happy day! The first of my two copies of ‘The MVP’ arrived here in Perth, Australia today & I can’t wait to read it. Only problem is, I want to keep my tree book pristine from my grubby fingerprints so I want to just read the ebook version. Oh well, just have to wait a little longer…

    If I can just ignore the sounds of Ionath calling me…


  25. TJ-Tigger

    TJTigger has no bounce

    No dead tree book upon my doorstep
    no pulp free ebook unread at my inbox
    What is a Sigler fan supposed to do
    I just want to read books written by you

    My son has great sadness he has kept
    when he sees that mail carrier he will have wept
    to read untold stories of the conquering Qyth
    cliffhanger undone let’s get on with it

    I sit and hope that today is the day
    that some Awesome Sigler goodness will finally come my way
    I watch out the window and wait for the mail
    not moving, barely breathing, not twitching my tail

    Hope to have the book soon so we can read it before we meet you in Chicago.  My son finished the last book and stumbled out of his room stating “Worst ending ever”.  But he really loved it.

  26. SteventheST

    I am kinda sad that the UK Junkies are already getting theirs and I haven’t gotten mine yet :-(. Oh Well, I am sure it will be here soon.

  27. Combat_Cook

    It is so nice to have good friends like Avinjer…he can make hard times so much better…despite not getting his book yet…he is happy for all but one Junkie who has…I wonder who that one person might be???  Maybe the one Junkie, I don’t know who, just might be reminding him that he got his book and is 50+ pages into it.  I wonder who that might be???  😛  Hmmmmmmm

  28. Combat_Cook

    I am sad the ebook is not out yet…I was happy though to see that Junkies across the pond in England have gotten the hard copy already.  That is AWESOME!!!  I know that Avinjer would agree with me on that one.  Wouldn’t you? Hello…

  29. simonkenrick

    SIGLER! Bad Auther! No! I want the ebook. If the ebook isn’t out i will organise the Great Sigler Hunt. Were frustrated fans hunt down Sigler to either whip him or make him read it. We will not eat, we will not sleep until we have the ebook

  30. Insignificant_Blood_Splatter

    Who can really be mad at saddock for that? D: You should have pre-ordered the hard copy! =p

    I was really bummed out at this delay, but my hard copy arrived today. I forgot about the world for about 6.5 hours while I read the dead tree version. I didn’t even eat until I was finished, I was so excited for this. Well worth it! And the rubber ducky drawing is great. I’ll probably re-read the book once the eBook version is sent out, but I’m happily satiated for now.

  31. avinjer

    No. I disagree. Death is too good for him. Why should he get to die in service to the great Sigler. He should be hit hard and repeatedly until he lapses into a coma and then he can be watered like a plant for all eternity. I still don’t have my print version and the delay of the ebook is not making me a happy camper. I think the postman is getting paranoid after I sprinted to the mail box today. 

  32. ImprobableJoe

    I need the ebook copy for my wife. She just burned through the first three ebooks, and while I was telling her why I was uncomfortable letting her read one of my signed hardcover copies she dumped her iced tea all over the end table where she would have set the book down. 

    My wife is too clumsy for real books… I need the ebook!!
  33. RandyNBL

    Still waiting on my tree book as well… bet my apartment number got cut off the order again… some days you eat the bar, some days the bar eats you.

  34. ByronPretzel

    Morningstar is unworthy.  He should be killed.  And eaten!

    I was really counting on the audio book to get me through a 14hr drive this weekend.
  35. OJ-Cliff-Frost

    PLEEEZE I need my ebook.  I gave my girlfriend the hard copy and she is killin me trying not to tell me anything.

  36. Belladonna420
    I have a Kindle Fire, so I’m not sure if this is necessary for all Kindles but on my Amazon account page is says “To prevent spam, your Kindle will only receive files from e-mail addresses you have authorized.”

    To authorize e-mail addresses:

    Go to Amazon.com –> Manage Your Kindle. On the left side of the page, click on Personal Document Settings then, under the heading Approved Personal Document E-mail List, click on Add a new approved e-mail address.
  37. BigBelly39

    *patiently waiting* *patiently wating* *patiently wai…. What in the name of Siglerism is taking so damn long? New cover art? Who gives a dead rats luke-warm, rotting, maggot-eating, flea infested ass what the ebook cover art looks like!?! I want to find out what all the Ass-clowns who pre-ordered (no offense to the Ass-clowns who pre-ordered, just trying to make a point here) are tweeting about! Wasn’t this lesson learned last release when product wasn’t available when people were revved up to toss cash in heaps and mounds at DØM? What I’m really trying to say is… Of course I’m going to get this book to add to every other one I’ve bought to support Scott. I’m just a *little* agitated that there’s a “hiccup” with production ON RELEASE DAY! That is all, resuming my *patiently waiting* *patiently…

  38. Tux

    No prob, geekacres.  When I installed the kindle app on my phone it gave me an email address.  I was so happy when I found this out cause it was a pain in the ass to get books on my phone unless I bought them through amazon.  Now I just email them.  Any word on when the ebook will be available, guys?

  39. jokerdas

    WOW!!! Almost a month longer wait on the audiobook?!?!!?!?  I think the Krakens kicker needs to be killed off in the next book because of his part in this delay!!!!

    I will just continue rocking in the dark corner of my little padded cell just a while longer until I can get my newest GFL fix!  I will take comfort in thinking some of the delay may have something to do with the FDO and all the minions of DOOM putting some final touches on Pandemic. (Please say yes, please say yes!!!)

    It may give me some extra time to finish the We’re Alive podcast AND re-listen to The Rookie, The Started and The All-Pro to put it all fresh in mind!

    Oh… and that cover looks shucking AWESOME!!!!!

  40. geekacres

    OH CRAP ! I have been so psyched about the hardcover and the Plaid Tanks of Doom(tm) rolling on Pennsylvania, that I completely forgot about the e-Book goodness coming our way. Thanks, by the way, Tux, for sharing the Kindle e-mail loading methodology. Loves me my Kindle.

  41. occupy_my_rocktopi

    A few weeks ago I started re-reading all the previous GFL books.  Almost done with The All-Pro.  So I’m not getting the “Sigler-shakes” just yet.  🙂

  42. Jmhutson1

    So..have all my good Sigler books…no “new” Nocturnal audiobook.. : ( and I have to wait for The MVP audiobook, curses!! If I only knew how to read!!! *or mostly just have time to read the awesomeness that resides on my shelf.

    Can’t wait for the audiobook version to role out!

  43. Indie_slayer

    Thats not a problem as long as i have it by thur morning i will be all good as this is going to read this on my trip to Milan the watch the F1

  44. Tux

    yeah just send an email to that address with the ebook as an attachment…no need for subject or body.  It will show up a couple minutes later as long as your kindle is connected to either wifi or 3g.

  45. occupy_my_rocktopi

    Thanks Tux!  Haven’t gotten the e-mail yet.  But yeah I have that kindle e-mail address.  Didn’t get what it was good for till now.

  46. Tux

    Did you receive the email?  I haven’t yet. 🙁  A lot of the time when you set up your kindle you will get a kindle email address.  If you send the ebook to that it will show up on your kindle a couple minutes later.  Other than that I believe you can upload it to the amazon cloud and then download it from your device or send it to the device or whatever.  I always use the email address though.

  47. occupy_my_rocktopi

    I’m sure this is simple and I am dumb, but how do I get the e-mailed copy of the e-book onto my Kindle?  Do I have to upload to the Amazon cloud or something and then “send” it to my Kindle?

  48. Tux

    So…I sure would like that ebook…Book came in on Friday which was a surprise.  Just about halfway through the book.  AMAZING

  49. Kurt_eh

    Hopefully, it’ll be in my ipod tonight!  (I suspect Customs is still reading my hardcover copy… 😉