THE MVP shipping starts next week!

That's a lotta MVPs!Yesterday I received 2000 beautiful copies of the hardcover edition of THE MVP into inventory at the Warehouse of Døøm. This title publishes on September 2, 2012, but since each one is individually numbered and signed by Scott, we start the process of getting them ready to ship this week.

Junkies, I have to tell you: they’re beautiful. Design for the dust jacket and the full-color insert by our own Scott “Big Fish” Pond with an assist by Seth “the Hammer” Hanisek; fresh and lovely interior design by our own Diva of Design Donna Mugavero. It’s also pretty darn girthy, weighing in as the biggest GFL book yet.

If you don’t have a pre-order and you want one, click here.

If you do have yours ordered, I ask you to do a few things that would really help me out:

  • ARealGirl gets the first copy of THE MVPPlease double check your shipping address. Still accurate? Does it need a suite number listed? Is the zip code correct?
  • Did you order the correct book? You’d be surprised how many folks get caught up in the excitement of the pre-order … and click the wrong book.
  • Is the number of copies you ordered accurate? Since they’re signed and numbered, if you have too few or too many, that’s hard to fix after shipping begins.
  • Are you ready for some football? Space football, yes, but still FOOTBALL.

If you guys answer those question for me, I’ll spend the rest of the weekend and the first half of next week prepping THE MVP to send out to you. Well, I’ll be doing that regardless, but it would be a LOT easier if you’d do your part too.

Edited to add: Please forward any necessary changes/updates to Thanks!

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  1. scottsigler

    Mike, wait until 9/10 before you worry. Sorry about the delay, but if you don’t  have it then we’ll have to fix the situation.

  2. mike.langhorst

    How would one verify the address?  I just looked at my order but it didn’t list the address in the confirmation e-mail.

  3. Conrad

    I’m in Italy and the first 3 books were signed as was Nocturnal. Can’t wait for MVP. Can take up to 4 weeks delivery.

  4. wraithwaxer

    Hey, this is probably a stupid question but do international preorders also get a signed copy?



  5. Conrad


    The Book shows up in my Purchased page and I’m sure I gave all the correct information at the time I placed the pre-order. 
    I can’t figure out where I go to double check.
    Sorry if I’m a bit slow, but hey!
  6. geekacres

    Out in Bethlehem they’re killing time… Till the FDO arrives. Vacay time has been approved. Now where the SAM HILL are we going ???

  7. hungrosity

    When is expected release of the MVP audiobook for purchase here or off iTunes?

    P.S.  I vote Sam Elliot to play Dew Philips in the movie 🙂
  8. exotiKali

    Sorry I couldn’t be there – I already took time off work this month. I had a blast last year hanging with you guys and torturing Bells with teasers.

  9. JRadimus

    Congrats on the pre-season win Saturday, FDØ! I can’t help but feel there’s a cosmic connection between us, now: Kellen Moore, former Boise State hero, played on a blue field, on your beloved Lions & Quentin Barnes and the Ionath Krakens also play on a blue field. Coincidence? Or Fate?

  10. Kurt_eh

    This titie publishes on September 2, 2012…

    So, they’re not YA any more? 😉


  11. Mycroft

    And to further make the Sigler happy, Detroit won their game yesterday in preseason NFL action.  And to further make me happy, the pallets were  hopefully delivered by the company I work for again, thus helping to pay MY paycheck.