DVD Review: DEXTER Season 6

Dexter Season 6, click the image for the best deal on the DVD from Amazon.com coupon codesIf you follow this blog, you know I’m crazy about the DEXTER. As in, “this is the best show in the history of mankind (since MAGNUM P.I. wrapped, that is)” crazy. Season 6 just came out on DVD and Blu-Ray a few days ago, so I thought I’d give you my take.


Note: BREAKING BAD may possibly usurp DEXTER as “best show ever (since MAGNUM, P.I.),” but the jury is still out on that one.


Season 6 was probably the least favorably reviewed of this series’ amazing run. Many people flat-out didn’t like it. Me? I loved everything about it, save for the plot twist shoe-horned into the last few episodes. That plot twist, which I will not spoil, could be the death of the series depending on what the writers do for Season 7, which begins September 30 on Showtime.


So is the plot twist at the end of Season 6 a problem? I think so. Does that change how f-ing gripping the rest of Season 6 was? Not in the least. Please refrain from spoilers in the comments! You can talk about “the plot twist,” but don’t ruin it for the newbies.


Edward James Olmos in DexterFirst and foremost, the bad guy: Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA). He’s just flat-out on another level. I think I could watch an hour of him eating Cheerios and be entertained. Watching E.J.O. play a delusional religious zealot was a total treat. E.J.O. is partnered up with the manipulatable Colin Hanks (KING KONG) as the two inflict much Bible-thumping pain and misery on the not-so-good people of Miami.


Colin HanksAnd if you’re familiar with this blog you may also know my stance on “American Royalty,” also known as actors/authors/musicians having careers gifted to them just because they have a famous & powerful mommy or daddy. Some of us have to build our own careers, not shamelessly cash in on the success of our progenitors. That being said, I thought Colin Hanks (son of Tom Hanks, and pictured at left) did a fantastic job. I did not like his performance through the first 5-6 episodes, but when a mid-series plot twist hits I realized he’d incorporated what looks like bad acting into his character. Would Hanks have got this gig if he wasn’t Tom Hanks’ kid? We will never know. Did he rock the part? Yes, he did. The last three episodes really showcased Colin’s command of the role.


While E.J.O. and Hanks turn in fantastic efforts, they are still (slightly) second fiddle to Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall, who continues to set the standard for friendly neightborhood serial killers with his performance as Dexter Morgan. Six seasons in, it’s clear the writers are having trouble finding new ground for Hall to mine, but he continues to deliver. His ability to switch from a shy, unassuming blood-splatter analyst into a snarling psycho is really the anchor of the entire series.


So why does DEXTER continue to be such a kick-ass show? Because each season is a 12-hour-long movie, and the writers know how that movie will end before they show you a minute of Episode 1. There is no “let’s figure this out as we go” in DEXTER. Everything you see builds up to a logical ending. This is a thriller-style series, so it ‘s “horror” but there are no supernatural elements, almost no deus ex machina, no using “magic tech” to explain away plot holes. It’s clear that the writers, show runners and producers really work their asses off to tell the best, integrated, thought-out story that they can.


As I’ve posted here before, if you want some really gripping long-form storytelling, check out Seasons I-V on DVD and Blu-Ray.



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  1. scottsigler

    @Gatorrock: You know, that never crossed my mind that the writers would pull a “24” and just conveniently do away with their dramatic season finale (Jack’s in China! Wait, he’s out in the first 5 minutes? Huh?). 

  2. Gatorrock

    Oh that’s your plot twist….. Bwa, that was a desperate grab for making things akward in the series this season [maybe even revenge for real life].  I think that’s gone for Season 7.  If it’s not, I’m with you– BOOOO HISSSSS.

  3. scottsigler

    The information reveal is fine with me — it’s the romantic involvement that I’m referring to as “the plot twist.”

  4. scottsigler

    @Gatorrock: Wait a darn second, here — are we talking the information reveal, or the romantic involvement?

  5. Gatorrock

    Agree with your review EXCEPT for the “Plot Twist”– only reason for that is it is going back to where everything came from– THE BOOKS!  In the books that plot twist happens in the 1st book!!!!  So it helps dictate all the other books– and if we are lucky the show will go back and steal from the best book in the series: DEXTER IS DELICIOUS!  (5th book) So damn good…