Trying to level-up on health

A passed-out runnerJunkies, I managed my third straight day of morning running. The plan is to be up at 6am, running by 6:30am. Today, I hit snooze until 6:20am but was out on dem streets at 6:40. This week is no big deal; the goal is to just get up and go for seven straight days and run for 20-25 minutes. Next week I’ll start worrying about time and distance.

I’m not getting any younger. Smarter? Sure. Even more _sexaayy_ than before? Of course. More eeeevil? Goes without saying. But younger? Nope. I had a gym membership for the past six years and averaged 1-2 trips a month, max. Now I’m dialing back to the ancestral form of cardio: wound a prey animal, chase it for miles and miles until it drops, then finish it off. Only without the prey animal part.

This isn’t much — 30-35 minutes a day, which includes stretching. Hopefully that will make my metabolism burn a little hotter through the day (that strategy worked like gangbusters back when I wrestled in college, so there’s some evidence that it works with my body type, although the data is 20+ years old).

How about y’all, Junkies? Are you getting in any kind of basic workout? Pushups and situps? Jogging? Eating smart? If you’re in your mid- to late-thirties and forties and beyond, what are you doing to improve your health? I ask my fellow Children of the 80s: what are you doing to stave off the Grim Reaper for a few extra years?

I ask because I’d rather not see you die. Unless I’m in your will. If so, I’ll send you delivery cheese fries for lunch. Also, there might be a gun range accident at SiglerFest, so make sure your insurance premiums are paid up.

The picture is not me. But that’s what I feel like at this exact moment. Someone get the crash cart.

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  1. Old Man Parker

    Scott and Junkies…

    I’m 51. I was into MARTIAL ARTS. At age 10 I started taking Judo because I saw Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee. It changed my life. Took judo until collage, when I got hurt. Bad. Then I took Wun Hop Do Kung Fu. Even more fun because now I got to learn exotic weapons. Then White Lotus King fu. Then Savat: French Kick Boxing. Then Muay Thai Kick boxing. All great fun. But, I racked up so many injuries that by mid 40’s I was in too much pain to practice anymore. 
    I also did weight training… got a bit crazy about it and was working out twice a day. I didn’t get huge, but went for my “fighting weight”. 
    Anyways, now at 51, I have chronic unending, 24 / 7, pain. I have back pain, joint pain, bad knees, etc… 
    I’ve seen over a dozen Physical Therapists. 4 internal medicine doctors. 1 pain specialist. 1 physiatry specialist. 3 chiropractors. I1 neurologist. 1 neurosurgeon. Several message therapists… and so on. 
    I used to say “no pain, no gain”.
    Now I dream of “No pain, no pain.”
    Martial arts & hard contact sports are great fun. Love ’em. 
    But, a word of caution; if you’re taking martial arts, go slow. Know that you have to take care of your body like a machine. It’s the only one you are going to have for your WHOLE life! Treat it gently. Warm up properly. If you’re hurt, don’t push on. Let your body heal when it needs to. I know you feel immortal and indestructible at 20. But think about what it’ll feel like at 50. Or 60.
    Pain can ruin your life. Change your personality. Destroy your career. 
    Be physical, of course. It’s important to keep your “machine” running well. But, do it smart. Treat your body “nice” like a classic car you’ll own forever. 
    Now I’m struggling to just take nice walks every day. Easy, low impact stuff. I 
  2. bazza200

    HI scott i’d recommend the you try doing some swimming it’s great for you plus it’s not as hard on your body as running is 🙂 I also go to gym to do wieghts but i found the swimming has made the difference feel good afterwoulds too.

  3. geekacres

    Not the athlete in our family… Father is running half marathons into his seventies. That said. I started C25k this spring. Completed two 5k jogs this summer with one more on the books this fall. Not setting and land speed records, but I am a little less potato-ish.

  4. quakeGuts

    I’m up at 5am 4 or 5 days a week to get the run in before the blast furnace that is aka Texas summer has a chance to get seriously stoked.

  5. Shadygirl

    Im getting ready to get started at the gym. As soon as CB starts school, I start a new workout program.

  6. scottsigler

    I smell healthy people. Which is odd, as you’d think you smell the unhealthy people first. Well, in truth, you do, but you usually don’t mention that because it comes across as rude. 

  7. steffiebaby140

    Fast approaching 30 here…but hey I was a small child in the 80s!  I was doing really well, between walking 2 miles up and down the hills of SF every day to work and home from work.  Then eating better and getting a little more working out before bed.  Then 14 months of continuous, non-stop overtime happened and I’ve been too damned tired to bother with any of it.  Luckily I still have the 2 mile trek to work or I’d do nothing but work and sleep.

  8. Belladonna420

    I’ve been taking a Zumba class for the last several months and I try to hit the gym at least 2x a week for more cardio & some strength training.  I think I’m going to add a core strengthening class into the mix in a couple of weeks too.

    We’re all gonna be looking FINE at SiglerFest!!!  😉
  9. ScottEPond

    First off, you are already in my will… heir to the McPondy fortune in Depends investments.

    From a health standpoint, I’m deceptively healthy. Sure, I look like a cuddly Pondybear, but there are some high tensile strength lurking beneath my stuffed exterior. BUT I have been getting more cute and cuddly over the last few years.

    So I am kicking back in my two phase method of getting the weight under control: structured eating and structured exercise. This has worked well for me several times in the past (before the dark side seduced me with their damn cookies. It’s very simple: just eating a lot of small meals, eating less than 2000 calories a day (corrected by calorie loss due to exercise), and weekday morning workouts (3-days of 1-hour cardio and 2-days of 1-hour weights). Back in my navy days I did this and dropped from 215 to 175 in 2.5 months. Had similar results a few other times in the last 20 years. Right now I’m not interested speed but rather long term results. So I’m dropping 2 pounds a week and am already down 8 pounds. Another 46 weeks and I will, like a butterfly from a chrysalis, emerge as a lean, mean, creative machine.
    Or at least that is the plan…

  10. Kefo_of_The_Mountain

    If this unworthy may speak my FDO,

    I am 42, out of shape, and currently back in school to get the magic piece of paper called a “BS”… They call it a Bachelor of Science, but what the heck.
    One good thing about this is my “free” fitness center membership.  I have been using this to go walking about an hour in the mornings (listening to your podcasts first, then the TWIT network shows on 2X).  So far, after 2 months… lost 7 lbs, and still going if I don’t die from my arms falling off.
    SO, keep going,  don’t give up and if you miss a day, don’t worry about it just make sure you get up the next day.   Think of  it like your writing, if you don’t do at least a little each day, WTF man??
    So, keep going, keep writing, and know that you help a unworthy one try to get his life in order.
    Skybox #18, Ionath Stadium
    P.S.  I want more “Crypt” please.   Thank you my FDO.
  11. jokerdas

    Way to go, FDO!! As a child of the 80’s, and in my late 30’s, I feel your pain!


    My regimen was to work out everyday over lunch. My work has an employee fitness center and I hit the weights 3 days a week and walk the track 5 days for about 20 minutes.  I was doing that for a couple of months.


    The focus on “WAS”! I just got back from a week’s vacation in Iowa (Missed typhoon season… AGAIN!) Now, I have to get my lazy butt back into gear. To motivate myself, I registered to participate in my first 5K in two months!  It is not technically a full marathon, but it is called the Mad Max Mud Run. 5K and 12 muddy, military-style obstacles. Supposed to be tons of fun! Super excited!!


    My training plan is walking/running 30 minutes a day.  I put in my ear buds and enjoy some awesome podcasts and audio books while working out. Just downloaded all 96 back episodes of We’re Alive podcast and thoroughly enjoying it, (at least until The MVP gets released to podcast next month!!)


    That is the plan at least!

  12. exotiKali

    I do a private Pilates lesson once a week and I have a home machine that I get on about 2-3 x a week. I also walk 2x a week for an hour, up and down hills, for my cardio. I’m aiming to do one or the other every day.