WE'RE ALIVE podcast feeds your zombie needs

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Junkies, if you’re jonesing for those new episodes of THE WALKING DEAD and you can’t get enough of random zombies eating good people, then check out the WE’RE ALIVE podcast.

This full-cast audio production gives you all the dead you can handle. The production qualities are great, almost on par with Christof Laputka’s THE LEVIATHAN CHRONICLES (I said almost — when it comes to pure production quality, nobody touches the Laputka).

So you’re afraid of starting a new podcast and waiting for episodes? WE’RE ALIVE has 95 epidoses waiting for you. That’s a lot. I’ve only listened to a couple, but that was enough to know these boys are the real deal.

The podcast is a smash hit on iTunes, with an 5-star rating averaged acros 2,079 reviews. That’s a lot of positive feedback. Here’s a link to get it right from the iTunes store.

Maybey they pump out the episodes because they treat it like a professional production. KC Wayland lists himself as writer, director, and show-runner. He and co-creator Shane Salk kick out lots of zombiriffic good times for you, so check it out.


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  1. scottsigler

    @Kwork: I think alternate history is one of those “take it or leave it” things. If you want accuracy, alternate history ain’t for you.

  2. Cowboy_Wally

    I agree that both We’re Alive & Leviathan Chronicles are extremely well produced. However, We’re Alive is a lot better. I listened to Leviathan Chronicles until episode 8, when one paragraph full of more historical errors than you can possibly imagine made me turn it off for good. I understand suspension of disbelief, but this went beyond it. Way beyond.  We’re Alive is really, really good. I am listening!

  3. Ma-Tweedys-Favorite-Son

    I’m about a third of the way through the episodes and its been awesome so far. Thanks for the recommendation. Still cant wait for the MVP

  4. WTFisaSprVato

    This is one of my favorite podcasts ever.  it’s right up there with the FDO’s stuff. I’ve turned a few friends onto this and they were hooked within the first few minutes.  Totally kicks ass

  5. athanas

    You will not be disappointed with this cast.  I was hooked 5 minutes into the first episode when I stumbled across it last year and have been a fan ever since.

  6. Notorious_B_A_G

    Yes, check out We’re Alive it’s one of my favorite podcast.  Sometimes I think The Walking Dead steels ideas from them..it’s that good.

  7. agent_minivann

    Ironically, We’re Alive is the reason I found out about the FDO.  It was recommended on a forum I frequent, and I mainlined the first two seasons in a couple weeks. Once I hit the end of the new episodes I started to use the google to find more serial podcast fiction goodness.  I also owe a lot to Leviathan Chronicles.  It was the first I found, and Laputka played a lot of promos/trailers for other podcast fiction.  And Laputka’s production quality is pretty freaking amazing.  I could listen to his narrator all day, too.

  8. SkredRick

    This is a number of firsts…
    – First, I just joined the site.
    – Second, I downloaded First chapter of We’re Alive based on SS recommendation.
    – Finally, I’m leaving my First post.