Andy Griffith on football, circa 1953

Andy Griffith vs. the Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper won. The bastard always wins.

I remember watching THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW re-runs all the damn time. Andy, Opie and one-bullet Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith show was the anti-A-Team. I loved that show. Fortunately, I’m not yet of the age where MATLOCK appeals to me, so my experiences with Mr. Griffith are almose exclusively of black and white, small-town good times.

Did you watch the show in your younger days? Have any favorite moments? And if you’re of Matlock-watching age, feel free to talk about that as well.

Many of you are football fans, and more than a few are fans becuase of THE GFL series. You’ll get a big kick out of this 1953 standup/storytelling piece from Andy, as it might remind you of a time when you had no f-ing idea what was happening on that pretty green cow pasture.


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  1. BigJohn

    Andy will be missed. I love, Love, LOVE the whistle theme to The Andy Griffith Show. Ever since I was young, I’d whistle and snap my fingers to the simple tune. Ah, if only Mayberry were a real place, and if only more places were like Mayberry. Rest In Peace, Andy Griffith.