A NOCTURNAL unboxing

Junkie Gmork made a cool video of the unboxing of her ten copies of NOCTURNAL. I love comparisons of size. Using your dog in such scientific exercises is always a good thing. Unfortunately, we did not make the NY Times best-seller list (she gives a rah-rah at the end of the video), but a crapload of Junkies did their damndest to help make that happen. Krakens Boosters, represent!

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  1. sigler-stalker

    While I bought the book, not initially intending to read it (I just wanted a hard copy of the pod-cast I knew and loved), I just started to read the book, seeing it on the bookshelf was bugging the heck out of me. 

    I’m only a few pages in, and just by going over the introduction to the book, and the dialogue between Bryan and Pookie, you nailed it. Spot on. As I said i loved the pod-cast, but reading this book makes it look like free material, whereas the published book… well… I’m in love. 
    Love your work and keep it up. 
  2. Mycroft

    Well, the AC is fixed, the ceiling is patched, the new puppy is named and terrorizing the cat, only bad part is I am on-call this week.

    Oh, and in May I SOLD 2 magazine articles to a train magazine – I be an AUTHOR!  Publishing date 6-18 months.  Online publication so I will post a link when it comes out.

    Milestone reached – all 3 nieces married off.  4 nephews to go.


    Must be careful with new books.  Puppy wants to taste EVERYTHING.

  3. scottsigler

    You know I’m kidding, right? I don’t walk around saying “how DARE you!” all the time. 

    Okay, I do walk around saying that, but still, this time I was kidding. 
  4. Mycroft

    Niece, wedding, playing wedding photographer, vacation, blowout in car at 60mph, car repairs while 1000 miles from home, 107, 110 degree days, losing the dog to an immune disorder at age 7, and finding a new puppy.  Life just got in the way, and I was late. 

  5. Gmork

    Glad you enjoyed it! I think I only posted to twitter originally…for some reason. Bad Gmork. This needs to be shared with THE WORLD!

  6. jokerdas

    That size comparison thing was funny funny!!!!

    By the way, Gmork… I know what you can give a Junkie for Christmas this year!  <wink wink>

    <<Certificate of Awesome-ticity>>