THE MVP final draft is done, mang!

THE MVP Final Draft is done!

Yes, it is over. I have driven a blade deep into the heart of mine enemy, and then slid it around a tad to make sure all the important bits were properly sliced up.

Translation: THE MVP final draft is complete. So is the audiobook recording. I just finished all that shiz, just now. If I smoked, I would be puffing on a big ol’ cigar.

This is a picture of me mugging with the 829 page final manuscript, and busting out the Eyebrow of Døøm for good measure.

My part is complete, Junkies. Now ARealGirl, the Diva of Design, Scott Pond and other talented folks can get to gettin busy on creating another hardcover gem for your collections.

SPOILER ALERT: All the Krakens die in a gamma ray burst, a phenomena specified in Phil Plait’s book “Death from the Skies!

Sorry about that, but there was no other way out of a pesky loophole I created.

THE MVP will be out in September in hardcover, eBook and audiobook. If you haven’t pre-ordered your signed, numbered, limited-edition hardcover, feel free to do so here.

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  1. NeilColquhoun

    And it shall be done…

    Excellent news, and I am looking forward to receiving that beautiful hardcover.
    Stay Alive – Neil
  2. ScottEPond

    I think for this one we’ll just draw some stick figures with a Sharpie on some paper grocery bags, cut them out, and wrap these puppies like we used to do in grade school. That way everyone can customize their copy with crayons and put some My Little Pony of the Apocalypse stickers on them… 

  3. sotonrich

    Congratulations! Looking forward to 829 pages of detailed gamma ray death descriptions! Poor Krakens.