GFL-esque facemask is 5% steel and 95% mean

Justin Tuck's facemask brought to you by the GoDaddy promo codes at

Good googly-moogly! Look at this monstrosity of a facemask. This year look for this facemask on Justin Tuck, defensive end for the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

That’s a lot of bars of angular mean, is it not?

Tuck had this mask made because he hurt his neck, and opposing players tried to grab his facemask and yank it to aggrivate the injury. Hey, nobody said the NFL is a place for nice people. This facemask will make it harder for players to perform that nefarious task.

I think Mum-O-Killowe would sport something like this.

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  1. scottsigler

    This sucker doesn’t look like it could protect your face against a stiff wind: 

  2. Wyll

    That thought had crossed my mind ala Rollerball (1975 versions, peeps), but I figured owners would want to keep their players mostly intact for the season. Then again, you take the gladiator route, recruit some cheap, disposable players with the promises of fame and fortune, rake in money off the television rights and you could up the damage ante a bit more.

    Rings of fire in the endzones! That would be cool.

  3. Wyll

    I still think electrified equipment should be permitted in the NFL. Add a little zing to the collisions.