Movie review: DARK SHADOWS

Check out a 3-minute review of the new Tim Burton flick, DARK SHADOWS, starring Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer. See that “share” button in the movie player’s upper right-hand corner? Click it, share it, and be shiney.

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  1. Wyll

    Agreed on the Burton fanatics comment. I agree that Depp can do no wrong *trumpets blaring*, but I think Burton needs to get out of his bubble and away from his Yes Men before he tackles Beetlegeuse 2.

    I also wonder how Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter will do. Burton is producing it and one of the screen writers is also responsible for Dark Shadows. I was looking forward to it, but now I am kind of gun shy.

  2. scottsigler

    I’ve only found a few people who liked it, and they were very protective of Johnny and Burton. It seems Tim Burton is almost in Joss Whedon’s realm, where to say anything against him is to be branded a meanie. But yeah, this wasn’t Burton’s best effort. 

  3. Wyll

    I can watch bad movies with the best of them, but it was hard to find anything to like about this film.

    I may have been better off punching myself in the scrotum for an hour and a half than watching this film.

    I felt like there were two films fighting to be seen and the result was just a mess. There was so much potential with this film to have fun and it failed badly.

    I wonder who keeps giving Burton cash to make movies any more.