Ah, Christian Slater, that face of the 80s, star of HEATHERS, BROKEN ARROW, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, TRUE ROMANCE and more, what’s he up to these days? He’s busting out a little indie horror in PLAYBACK, which was released on DVD May 8.

I’m a fan. I like his work. This movie? Maybe not so much. As a bonus to my fellow 80s kids, though, there are two scenes with Mark Metcalf, who was the screaming guy in the Twisted Sister video “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (and, yeah, also in ANIMAL HOUSE).

This isn’t Slater’s first foray into indie horror. He did that abysmal ALONE IN THE DARK video game adaptation. Like in Playback, he did a good job in a terrible movie.

Check out the review. It’s three frickin’ minutes, and has some surprises inside. It’s like Cracker Jacks in video form, but it tastes more like day-old gym socks than caramel.

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