SiglerFest 2K15

October 9 & 10, 2015
The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 West Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103

SiglerFest2k13 Team Photo. Get yer mean on! Photo 2013 Bruce Press Photography.

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Orleans hotel for SiglerFest

The 5th Annual SiglerFest is now open for registration! SiglerFest 2K15 promises to be at least twelve shades of awesome and you should certainly join us!
To register, complete t-shirt size request and the field asking for an active email address which you routinely check, then click the PayPal button below. Registration is $55.

T-shirt size needed:
Best email address for you!

To reserve sleeping rooms at the hotel, please click here to go to the Orleans Group reservations website and use the code A5SFC10. Alternatively , you can call the Guest Reservations number at (800) 675-3267 and identify yourself as part of the group SiglerFest.

If you missed any of the previous SiglerFests, you missed a great weekend with great people.

Come for the Sigler, stay for the awesome Junkies you will meet and love and cherish your whole life long. I’m not even kidding. And, who can say, maybe the cousins will turn up! Will Pope Siglericus XXX risk showing his face in Las Vegas again? Evenings at SiglerFest teach us that Francis Dominic Oliveri is terrible at arm wrestling and smacktalking, but marginally better at bowling.

This year karaoke and bowling swap places, so Scott can do all the screamo singalong he likes! (Even if you might not think “Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue” needs screamo … it does at SiglerFest!)

If you attended any previous SiglerFest, leave a comment below about what you thought. If you didn’t come, consider it — an affordable getaway weekend in Vegas, karaoke, bowling, quizzes, all of your friends from this site, and the FDØ in rare form. Just check out these beautiful pics from Bruce F. Press Photography! Don’t you want to be part of his next round?

Looking forward to seeing y’all in October!

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Baby McButter cake at SiglerFest2K12.

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        1. athanas

          Honestly, I think the word “busy” does a good job at describing the taste. They tired to cover a lot of flavors with it and while it was pretty good, I can’t say I tasted what they claimed it was.
          Granted, this was well into drinking Bud Light and 40 proof wine, so my pallet might have been a bit jacked up.
          I’d give it a try, though.

  1. SHøeSTRiNg, the Devøted

    So, what can be expected this year at Siglerfest? I know bowling, movie night, that hike thing and karaoke. But what else?

  2. Beth_Ailis

    Got A’s email with lots of great info. This is gonna be Super Awesome! I have to go do some vocal exercises and figure out what to sing at Karaoke night.

  3. Beth_Ailis

    W00t! Just made the reservations at the Orleans. Be SURE and mention siglerfest or use the code above and you’ll save $$. Thank you, A, for wheeling and dealing and getting us a great room rate. BTW, since TBG and I are gambling fools, we got 2 free nights earned from our gaming last year, so we’re arriving on Tuesday.
    See you all in Vegas!