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May is pretty much dedicated to the first draft of PANDEMIC, which is the third and final book in the INFECTED trilogy. I’m 40,000 words in, and it feels like it will be about 160,000 words total. By comparison, ANCESTOR was 150,000 words, and NOCTURNAL was 195,000.

I won’t give spoilers here for INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, but if you’ve read those you know I have quite a challenge in establishing the protagonists for PANDEMIC. So far so good, I think, although y’all will be the real test for that.

The first quarter of the book has been slow because of research and working with my consultants to make sure we get as much of the science and military action as correct as possible. I won’t lie, the science here is wacky. I’m trying to build on the shiz you saw in the first two books and also add another level of “holy shit.” As for the military side of things, I’ll get an early thanks out to Lt. Commander Joe Root, US Navy. Joe has helped with THE CRYPT, but this is my first novel to have extensive naval action and I am emailing the living hell out of Joe. Another newcomer to the consultant stable is Chris Otto, a friend of mine since I was in high school. Chris was a commercial diver who worked the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico, and his experiences are hopefully going to make this book come alive.

Overall it’s so far, so good, but I’m entering a tricky phase of transitioning from the local level to a larger scope. The shift in focus depends heavily on timelines, who is where and when they are there, the needs of the plot and trying at all times to make the story work with characters behaving like you and I would (were we cast into the midst of a global catyclysm, of course). I’m very excited to finish up this draft and get it to Tha Shiv at Crown, so the real work can begin. He did such a kick-ass job editing NOCTURNAL I can’t wait to see his suggestions for PANDEMIC.

PANDEMIC is due out Spring of 2013.

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  1. scottsigler

    @TsubasaQ: We dont have info on the audio version yet, but we’re working on it.

  2. TsubasaQ

    FDO, is there going to be an audio version of Pandemic released? I just finished Contagious, and I really enjoy listening to your stuff while I work. (Sadly, I don’t get much time for hard copy books anymore.) if so, do you know a release date? 

  3. scottsigler

    @Cory Mollenhour: Any my publisher wonders why I’m such a busybody when it comes to making cool covers …

  4. eastyboy69

    it’sAmit’s now 2013… Spring is round the corner… I’ve just read Infected and Contagious in less than 3 weeks… so, I’m just saying, if you want my help getting you closer to your Lamborghini stage, pull your f’n finger out! Or, I will not let the sleeping dogs lie!!! See my profile pic.

  5. Sonnoeterno

    Can’t wait, the first two were fantastic, totally sucked in to the siglerverse and can’t wait to see how it pans out. 

    Keep up the good work
  6. Twainy

    So it’s months end. How is the first draft? I’m so excited! I’ve been falling asleep listening to Infected & Contageous … miss everyone!!

  7. DougS

    I’m excited to hear there will be some naval surface/subsurface action in Pandemic! I spent several years as an ROV pilot in the Navy and am interesteded to see what you are going to do with the underwater elements.

  8. chichiusa

    Almost done “Nocturnal” and I have noticed some of the changes from the podcast. I enjoyed it immensely, though the print feels more refined. I say well done and “Pandemic” will be a master stroke of epic proportions. Please put me in! There is always room for a pornstore manager! 🙂

  9. scottsigler

    I’d say “shit yeah,” but I think that’s up to Crown. Maybe I’ll look into it after PANDEMIC is out. There are several companies that make tricked-out, limited-edition sets of stuff by Stephen King and others, so it’s do-able. 

  10. aashish

    i am so excited scott. i feel you should come up with a limited edition box set of the trilogy signed and numbered if possible, which will make for a great collectors edition item. 

  11. Twainy

    160K is better than 150K … BUT … 215K is better than 195K!! I look forward to TWO things every day … SLEEP and more words from my favorite author – Scott SIgler! Working 2 jobs has me deliriously sleepy … Miss you! ZzZzZz … x

  12. GeeRace

    Speaking of “The Crypt” big smile, can’t wait, well I have to wait, so I guess it’s more like looking forward to when you start it up again….

  13. DustysMomma

    Not just a cryogenically frozen Quenton Barnes, but a baby or toddler Quenton, or maybe his mom died infected while she was pregnant with him and they cut him out of her dead body.They could keep him hidden somewhere  deep underground. Never know, the little twirps might be able to find him if he isn’t hidden deep enough underground. Perhaps the triangles sent the silverbugs and the rocktopi to find him, knowing he was hidden underground. That would explain why they were here too….

  14. scottsigler

    A cryogenically frozen Quentin Barnes? That would be some crazy shit right there.

  15. DustysMomma

    You know, it’s times like this I really miss my dad. He would have LOVED your books. I’ve been shouting about you from the rooftops to everyone who would listen though. 

    Really going to miss Perry in this book. Maybe one of these little sadistic mofos impersonates his voice to try to keep one of his friends from killing themselves or someone else. Ooh, that would be creepy. I can also see Quenton Barnes being in this and being the sole survivor in his family. Would explain why he doesn’t know his parents. They cryogenically froze him, thinking have been infected at the end of the crisis. They wake him because they think they can learn about these little triangle twirps, only to find he wasn’t infected at all. So, he’s sent off to be a normal orphan, only to end up in the GFL. 🙂 
    Pity I suck at writing everything but erotic fiction, lol…
  16. scottsigler

    There is definitely no cover-up. It’s something to address, but also, fortunately, it ties into the larger Siglerverse. 

  17. sandrachung

    O Dark Overload, as great as CONTAGION was, and it was great, you have to remember, I read INFECTED in under 4 hrs. It was that gripping, and I just could not put it down.  PANDEMIC equals CONTAGION, I would probably have a private moment..again and again.

  18. TheManiacWoodpecker

    What i am really wondering is how the nuking of Motor City will affect the book and the public. you can’t really coverup something that big. wel,l maybe you can, i guess there was a lot of shit covered up over the last decades by the american government. But thats what i am really looking forward to know.
    Will you include other countries in the story, because pandemic sure sounds like it, Scott 😉

  19. scottsigler

    You all rock. I am working my nitz off to try and make this one live up to INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS. It ain’t easy. The science guys are helping a ton. My version of “keeping it real” is a bit different from that of my creative brethren in the rap industry, but we do try. 

  20. LadyBane

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it… Oops, I think I just flashdanced.

    It sounds fabulous and I am salivating with anticipation.

  21. exotiKali

    I CAN’T WAIT. I first got addicted to Sigler when I read INFECTED during jury duty. I bought CONTAGIOUS as soon as I finished it. And now I’ve been waiting over 2 freakin’ years for PANDEMIC. HURRY UP!

  22. TellyGremlin

    Seriously excited about this book, can’t wait. Still waiting for my copy of Nocturnal though, which I ordered through Amazon, as it’s temporarily out of stock. Any news on that?

  23. Lync

    This is what I have been waiting for!  I cannot wait for the science behind what happens in this book.  Being a biology major your hard science approach is what got me hooked on your writing and I love this series.  Definitely count me in on the preorder!

  24. TheManiacWoodpecker

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! (stupid Pointer Sisters earworm, get out of my head, or wait, maybe im Infected i hear voices in my head…)
    I am so thrilled, to see how you will work the KI into all this, since i know they are responsible for the spores, i wondered why they weren’t able to overtake earth).
    And an aquatic setting should be nice, mutated orcas, wait, that was another nonstop action author 😉