Movie review: THE RAVEN

THE RAVEN with John Cusak opens tonight, so here’s my game-day review of this Edgar Allan Poe-inspired flick. Now, since I can’t reach anyone at YouTube to get permission to include movie trailers in my vids, I made my own trailer. It’s wayyyyy better than the original, I’ll have you know.

The thing is, if I embed the actualy trailer, YouTube won’t allow it to be embedded on this blog or allow it to be played on mobile devices (which pissed Junkie ExotiKali off to no end). So, I get to bust out my film-making chops and produce my own.

Watch this before you go to the theater, peeps.

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  1. LadyBane

    The best part of the movie for me was the performance of Luke Evans as Detective Fields. I think it is worth checking out on DVD.

  2. smitchell22

    I absolutely loved your “trailer” for the movie!  And for the DVD you should review my vote would have to be Drive!