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The DVD of THE DARKEST HOUR came out April 10, so I thought I’d take a shot in the face so that you don’t have to. I was just born a giving person. Don’t blame yourself if you’re not as giving as me, okay?

Synopses: A pair of programmers travel to Moscow to get investors for their bar-hopping Facebook app, and like the Facebook story, when they arrive they’ve been ripped off by their partner who takes the idea for his own. Then, everyone goes to the bar. Then, balls of light float down. Then, oh shit, the balls of light are aliens that melt your face (and your other parts as well). Our heroes hide in the bar basement, and when they come out they might very well be the last people on Earth!

This is a scifi/horror flick that tries to put a slightly different spin on the classic alien invasion script. Starring Emile Hirsch (SPEED RACER) and Olivia Thirbly (DREDD), it’s INDEPENDENCE DAY over Moscow instead of DC, it’s PREDATOR with balls of light instead of a whoop-ass crab-face monster, and — if you’re old enough for this one — it’s NIGHT OF THE COMET without the lighthearted humor.

The monster CGI is kind of fun, and the death scenes are done very well (as you can tell in my video review). I wasn’t keen on the acting and the plot is as a formulaic as formulaic gets.

Overall, this is a fun 90 minutes if you can NetFlix it, or rent it if you watch movies for the FX and not for the plot, but do not buy the DVD, folks.

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  1. GeeRace

    “Dude don’t touch it with your night stick, ooooooh I told you not to touch it with your night stick” hahahaha