2-minute movie review: CABIN IN THE WOODS

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CABIN IN THE WOODS really turns the horror genre upside down. And also left and right. And possibly at various angles. It’s like the Mary Lou Retton of horror flicks, and — yes — it sticks the landing. Starring Chris Hemsworth (THOR, AVENGERS) and Kirsten Connolly (THE HAPPENING), CABIN is a must-see in theaters. Don’t wait to watch it at home.
Hemsworth is the marquis name, but the real star is every nerd’s buddy Joss Whedon. Joss produced the move and co-wrote the screenplay with Drew Goddard (scriptwriter for CLOVERFIELD). The script of CABIN is full of whip-smart ideas, fantastic dialogue and multiple reveals. It sounds cliché, but it’s true: you think you know what’s happening, but you don’t, and at the end you will want to see it again to catch all the in-movie references. I think CABIN has “see something new every time” re-watch cred akin to THE SIXTH SENSE and PULP FICTION.
CABIN feels an awful lot like SCREAM, in that it openly embraces the horror-movie stereotypes by writing them into the plot. I think that’s called being “meta.” Sure, you know the “whore,” the “alpha jock,” the “stoner” and the “virgin girl,” but when the movie actually talks about these stereotypes it changes the game. CABIN tries to do for monster/paranormal horror flicks what SCREAM did for the slasher genre (a movie called FEAST did the same thing with monster flicks, but CABIN is approaching it from an entirely different level).
Providing the comic relief, Bradley Whitford (BILLY MADISON) and Richard Jenkins (SIX FEET UNDER) absolutely nail it, bringing an OFFICE SPACE vibe to the flick that will make you long for those corporate parties.

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  1. LadyBane

    I enjoyed The Cabin in the Woods. I liked the comic/funny elements and the snappy dialogue. I like my horror with a nice side of humor so I had fun watching it.