The NOCTURNAL Prize Packs have been deployed!

Earlier this week I sent out the NOCTURNAL prize pack to the ten winners. Stuffed to the gills with great books, cool Sigler swag, and even a tiny little luchador* they will hopefully make our ten winner’s weeks a little bit cooler. And if not cooler, the blow-pops I stuck in at the last minute will at least make it a little sweeter. Congrats to the winners!

My favorite bits? The EARTHCORE MP3 cd, which is super rare, and the full color proof of THE ALL-PRO insert, signed by Scott E Pond (our in-house graphic designer and creator of said insert) and the FDØ himself. Only these ten exist.

I’m including a few pics here, and enjoying the winner’s pics on twitter too.

*Caveat: A few luchadors were injured in packing these boxes, but they are made of plastic so go cry to PETA all you want we don’t give a crap.

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  1. The_13_Skulls

    Also I will be posting pics this afternoon once I get them uploaded to the computer….I know I am lazy and should have done it last night 😉

  2. The_13_Skulls

    Woohoo got my package yesterday afternoon!!!!!!….Awesome stuff in there too 🙂 I have my copy of EarthCore in the computer and listening to it as I type this 🙂 Thank you FDO and A!!!!!….You guys are the best….