It’s MC Hammer’s fault, or “why I will never donate to a campaign again”


Pretty sure this is a residual thing from donating to the Obama campaign in 2008. Ever since I did that, I have been hassled endlessly with politicians sticking their hand out asking for money, and getting anti-Republican messages so overly simplistic it shows me that politicians think we are all in the third grade. I take that back — name-calling at recess was far more intelligent than the vomit spewed out by myopic Left and Right Wingers.
But seriously, Democrats, what the hell makes you think that:
  • I have $500 to spend on dinner.
  • That I would give you said $500 for anything, let alone “retiring the District Attorney campaign debt.” Know what? If you don’t have it, don’t spend it, then you won’t have to have these fund-raisers or look for ways on how to get 100 dollars fast.
  • That people will shell out five Franklins to watch MC Hammer chow down.

I will ask for the twentieth time, to be taken off of these lists, and I will be ignored for the twentieth time.

* Now don’t get me wrong, I got nothin’ but love for the Hammer. He made a fortune, blew a fortune, then made a fortune again. He’s like rap’s version of Donald Trump in that way (only without the comb-over). I’m just not down to pay $500 to see the man, that’s all.


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  1. The_13_Skulls

    Give a politician (right or left wing) an inch  FDO and they will ask for a mile….and if they don’t get the mile they will eminent domain you and take it anyway 😉