Movie review: LOCKOUT

I’ve done some movie reviews here before, but now we’re up-leveling: short video reviews of a movie the day it comes out. This time, I chose LOCKOUT, starring Guy Pearce (MEMENTO) and Maggie Grace (LOST, TAKEN). I also got a hot dog in plastic, geeked out for the new Ridley Scott flick, and show you my skills as an action-movie director in modern Hollywood.

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  1. Belladonna420

    HA! That was awesome! Who needs to watch the movie when you can just watch this video again?? LOL!

  2. LadyBane
    • Hahaha, love the movie review. It appears I am so immunized to shaky cam work that I didn’t even notice it in this movie, though it did make me sick (had to leave the theatre and hover face first over a toilet for 5 minutes) when watching Cloverfield.
  3. delwyn

    Shaky cam is annoying, but the combination of Die Hard, Escape from New York and Space is just too awesome to ignore

  4. steffiebaby140

    Totally with you on the shaky cam crap…there is a time and place for it in the movie world, all the way through the movie and in every damn movie is not the place.  Makes me nauseous after awhile lol.