Yes, I admit, I should have been blogging more during the tour. I am a lazy, lazy author. I should be punished. I should be flogged.

What a goddamn amazing time. The Junkies have been happy, charming, and every one of you that made it out is good looking beyond the ability of science to measure such things.

There have been many beverages consumed, many AWESOME SIGLERISM TATS, and — oh yea — many copies of NOCTURNAL sold. Check out Rebecca, getting my signature on her back so she can get it tatted up this very morning. Check out the Marie’s Children tat and the Wolfpack tat, and there were more.

The bookstores seemed happy, the Junkies were happy, and I was definitely happier than a pig in the mud. Thanks to everyone in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston who came out. This is the kind of stuff writers dream about.

It may be the last tour ever (these things are really expensive, y’all), and if so, I am glad it went down in style.

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    You should make a deal with Crown Publishing or another publisher when your contract is up by getting all expenses paid book tour. Instead of having to pay for everything yourself out of pocket, they should pay for your hotel and travel expenses. Food and drinks are up to you. Your almost the DØ of the FDØ, they need to recognize that you know! The publishing company you choose to do business with should offer you one book tour per year with hotel and travel expenses paid. Sorry for the ranting, I had 48 ounces of coffee this morning!

  2. Rocko_The_Knuckle_Crusher

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the Dallas stop.  Enjoy the paracord bracelet.  If all else fails you can un-tie it and use it to tie someone/something up.  My son had a blast!

  3. Beth_Ailis

    Great pictures! I really liked your idea on the @nerdist podcast about switching up the next tour and making it like the Nerdist Live shows. We went to the show in Atlanta and it was a BLAST! Who needs a bookstore to have a tour? Not the Junkies or the FDO!

  4. Shadygirl

    We had a great time in Phoenix. CB was thrilled to see you. My Aunt Vi thought you were great. She hated that we needed to leave because of her back. She wanted to stay all day. 

  5. The_13_Skulls

    Had an awesome time yesterday in Dallas for the signing FDO!….Thanks for visiting us out here in Texas man….I (we) hope to see you everytime you tour!….