NOCTURNAL, in stores now

Yep, after all our prep work and sweat to give you a kick-ass story, NOCTURNAL’s “in-store date” is today, April 3, 2012. Theoretically, it should be in stores, but with the current state of publishing, who knows? Your best bet is to call your local bookstore to make sure they have it before you spend your valuable time going to pick one up.
If you are going to buy in stores, buy it by Thursday, April 5! That helps us with the New York Times best-seller list.
If you want to order online, check out the links at

When you have that book in your hands, do post pics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other place you like to share your stuff.
• Use the Twitter hash-tag #NOCTURNAL
• If you want to include a link for people to buy it, use this one:

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  1. Belladonna420

    A good Junkie would never drop a spoiler!! At least not without posting a warning first!

  2. GJ

    It going to be worth the wait though! I just have to read the forums through one eye to make sure I can close it quickly if there is a hint of a spoiler.

  3. avinjer

    It’s ok though. I have bought the ebook and all is happy again. I’ll just wait until next Tuesday to hold all that girthiness.

  4. Trepan

    Bought my hard cover copy at the store yesterday!  But I’m in Canada so I don’t know if it counts towards NYT list or not!?  Either way FDO, I tried!

  5. steffiebaby140

    I did not, I paid them for their stupid shipping.  And the guy on the phone basically told me if I wanted it mailed on the release date guaranteed I should have chosen a faster shipping method than the one I did….so apparently I didn’t pay enough to have it shipped on time.

    Ironically right after I called I got an email letting me know they were “prioritizing” my order and it was shipped on the right day.  Still though, Barnes & Noble from now on.

  6. Belladonna420

    Mine was sent from the Whitestown, IN distribution center on the 2nd and I received it on the 3rd. Even though I have Amazon Prime 2-day shipping, I was shocked to receive it when I did. I expected to get it later so I ordered the Kindle version too.

  7. GeeRace

    Just to throw my 2cents in, I’m a Amazon Prime user in South Dakota.  I got the notice the book shipped on April 1st and received it on the 3rd.  Already tossed the box, but the tracking info says mine shipped from Commerce City CO.  So for me the system worked perfectly…

    Sorry to hear all of you Junkies having delays, so when you do get it, Happy Reading

  8. MuchAdo

    From what I can tell, it seems that those on the east coast and on the west coast got theirs on time??  Those in the middle of the states didn’t.  Mine was shipped from the Coffeyville KS distribution center and it seems that this particular center is always behind in sending out Scott’s books.  I also believe that they didn’t receive enough books at this center.  Another junkie, TwoWire got his books a day before I did and yes he did pay for shipping also.  Had I not changed my shipping from regular to 2 day, I think I’d still be waiting.  

  9. cloysterpete

    GJ – I went with Book (an Amazon company) to get two copies of the Crown hardcover to the UK, £12.25 with free worldwide delivery. It was sent out on the 31st but its not here yet, which probably isn’t surprising seeing as its coming all that way.


    I went to a local Barnes and Noble Tuesday morning and got there just seconds before they unlocked their doors. I went straight to the new release section of the store and I didn’t see any copy’s available for purchase. I found a employee and asked if they had any copy’s of “Nocturnal” available. She then took me to this medium size table and handed me 1 of the 4 copy’s of “Nocturnal” they had for sale! I’m sure glad I pre-ordered them instead of waiting to buy one in store on release date.

  11. TheDirtyUnderdog

    I call a Jihad on Amazon.. Estimated delivery date May 9th.. damn my Danish living arrangements!!

  12. GJ

    No I did not! I paid the full whack in September 2011!! Damn you Amazon! I also bought it from in the kindle format (which is available in the US for download now) and it says it won’t come down till the 12th of April! It doesn’t take that long to add U’s and take away the Z’s to all the words does it? 

    Don’t get me wrong, I not moaning at you, I’m just excited to read the new cut 🙂 I can wait, but I’m going to bitch while I wait 😛 (or BE a bitch while I wait, meh.. it’s one in the same really)
  13. scottsigler

    Okay, the thread is back in action. Now, anyone who is getting late shipping notices, did you choose the “SuperSaver” shipping option? (Shirley, I know you did not). We’re gathering info and trying to fix the issue.

  14. GJ

    Hey Bob! I’m in the UK and I get mine on the 12th of April too. The wait is a killer! The hard copy won’t arrive till May! May?!?!?!?!?!?!? Damn you Amazon!

  15. steffiebaby140

    Pre orders count toward first week sales…so yes that does help the NYT bestseller list.  And all the major retailers, amazon & B&N mainly, do report to NYT.  So in short whether you pre-order or buy in the first week, both are going to boost the NYT bestseller list.

  16. steffiebaby140

    There is at least one other Junkie that called and got a totally different story, shocking!  According to Phillip from Bangladesh Shipping Soon means it will be shipping sometime today and not to worry because mine is a priority.  Uh huh, so I asked specifically if the book is available and being put in a box to send to me today…he said yes.  I asked him to guarantee it will be shipping to me today, he said it could be shipping anytime today…not the same thing Phillip! I pointed out that I have a different book I preordered from B&N that came out today and was shipped yesterday and wasn’t the the point of pre-ordering, he said I must have used a different shipping method.  Uh huh, right.  I told him to expect another call if it doesn’t show up with a tracking number by the end of business today.

  17. MuchAdo

    I spent over an hour on the chat and talked to 3 different people.  I’m afraid to cancel the order now but rest assured, from now on its B&N!!!!  But it would be great if all of the junkies who ordered from amazon either called or used the chat to complain.  That will let them know how many books they won’t be selling next year. 😉

  18. GeeRace

    singing “I got my boook, I got my booook” UPS dropped it off…. The kindle version downloaded last night…singing “Heaven…I’m in Heaven”

  19. steffiebaby140

    I hate Amazon!  If I had had my B&N membership for free expedited shipping when I preordered this, I would have gone with them instead.  I have this problem with pre ordering from Amazon alllll the time.  And when I point out that I placed my pre-order the SAME DAY it was available for pre-order, so shouldn’t my order be packaged and shipped first..they have no answer.  I might have to call and bitch at them about this one too, like I have nothing better to do with my day lol.

    I believe I can still cancel the order if they don’t give me the answer I want…so I might just do that and order from B&N right after.

  20. MuchAdo

    I already had it out with Amazon this morning!!!!!  From now on I’m ordering from Barnes & Noble.  Shipping is cheaper and quicker with them although you do have to pay tax there.  Amazon’s response for why they haven’t been shipped “At the time of placing the
    order the item is at distributor. We don’t have more items in stock at that
    time. We’re waited to receive more item from our distributor.”  I never could get them to explain exactly what that meant.  I asked if that meant Crown hadn’t sent any to my particular distribution center and they said NO!  I asked why there were some at the distribution centers on the east coast where those orders of Nocturnal had been sent on Monday and why Canadians and people in the UK got their books already while those in the STATES were still waiting and yes they ordered their books from Amazon also.  No answer. grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  21. deltrimental

    It’ll be a couple of weeks before mine gets here, but sometimes that’s cool. You lose track of time and almost forget it’s coming, then when the postie arrives it’s like YAY!  SURPRISE PRESENT!

  22. steffiebaby140

    Waiting….waiting…still waiting!  Come on Amazon, you charged me for it now ship it!  No more of this shipping soon crap, I ordered this sucker in July.  July!  It’s going to be a very long couple of days.