NOCTURNAL pre-order contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of the NOCTURNAL pre-order contest. Thanks to all who entered, your support means the world to me. Now, get yer asses into a store and grab your copy!

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  1. delwyn

    whilst I may not have been a contest winner, I still felt like a winner after the postman showed up at the door today with my Krakens jerseys (both home and away cos I didn’t want to choose between them!)

  2. ARealGirl

    hee.  heeeee.  hahahahahaha!

    Okay, I know that would suck, but man did that make me laugh so hard it made my day.  Del, you are something else.

  3. Wraith358

    The email and video was a great way to end the night. What’s better than a box of Sigler swag. The wait will be painful.

  4. Twainy

    There was a contest? LOL J/K … I pre-ordered both but slacked on prooving it … congratulations awesome winners … I hope we see what’s in the box when you the goodies arrive!! SHARE PLEASE! x 

  5. Belladonna420

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

    You better sleep with one eye open…
    Nah, I’m just kidding! 😉
    No, really. Watch that box like a hawk… cuz it might not be there when you wake up.  Just sayin’…
  6. Merlin1977

    Well hell must have just frozen over. I NEVER WIN anything much less a drawing that involves luck……NEVER in 34 years never until now. This is so freaking super sweet. Thanks A and FDO!!!!!

  7. The_13_Skulls

    OMG I cannot believe I won!!!!!….AWESOME!!!!….I cannot wait to get the prize pack and my copy of Nocturnal….and of course to meet the FDO again in Dallas on April 9th….So many good things I dont know what to do with myself right now 🙂

  8. Gmork

    Congrats to the winners… you rat bastards!

    I expect a full report on all the swag you winners receive!!
  9. nyck1118

    There seems to be an error in the video…I didn’t see my name mentioned! 🙂 congrats to the winners!