NOCTURNAL trailer & bonus content

Finally, we have the trailer for NOCTURNAL. It is bloody and epic. That makes it “blepic.” A blepic book trailer for you. Plus a “how dey do dat?” time-lapse piece on the bottoms.

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  1. GJ

    THE BOOK IS HERE!!! But I can’t bring myself to actually touch it. I’m holding out for the kindle version that I’ll get in the morning 🙂

  2. Belladonna420

    I saw Scott tweet something about that today but I haven’t seen the article yet. Here it is if anyone else in interested.

  3. GJ

    I know 🙁 But I can have my Kindle version on the 12th of April (YAY) I’m sure you, Bella and Kali will have read yours by then so no teasing me!!!

  4. Shadygirl

    You have an iPhone? So do I, but the web site looks the same on my phone as it does on my computer. I may play with my phone a bit today and see if I can figure out if it is a setting or something.

  5. GJ

    I can’t wait for mine to ship either, so I’ve just ordered my kindle edition too. It says the 12th of April for me…. Grrrr, Bellabot will have read hers by then!!

  6. Twainy

    That comment is truly hugg-worthy material. Wouldn’t you be surprised if I mailed you such a thing.  

    I DO see the whiite space & gray lines on the laptop … they are nowhere to be found on my iPhone.

    YIKES! I had to cancel my pre-order and re-pre-order Nocturnal just now … I wasn’t getting second day shipping … isn’t it 4/3/2012 somewhere? I wonder if I can download my Kindle version yet … g’nite all. x

  7. GJ

    Wow ! Im a little late to the party on this one, but this is an awesome piece of work. Congrats !

  8. Twainy

    PS – the comments here run together on my phone – worse than run together. May I suggest some significant white space between them or a visible border?

  9. Twainy

    I thought I had literally NO preconceived notions about this book … even after Scott’s reading on Friday … until this trailer … why on earth did I think this was gonnabe just another police procedural … this trailer was … scary! I LOVE scary!! I preordered the book – ugh – but IDK that it will be here fast enough … charging my Kindle! Miss everyone! Need MORE time. x

  10. steffiebaby140

    That is seriously kick ass!  But I am reminded of the woman sitting next to me in The Hunger Games movie….*whisper* Do you think this is going to be violent?

    Yes, yes I do and it is fantastic!

  11. Factualvermin

    This trailer kicks the shit out of the majority of movie trailers. Scott you and this artist should go to darkhorse comics with this.

  12. Twowire

    I’m not sure if he’s a Junkie. But I know he played a role in “Scared Cow”. a story by Scott that was an episode on Stranger Things TV.

  13. Alex83

    Okay I have just 3 comments.

    1. That was bad ass.

    B. That was bad ass.

    4. That was bad ass.

    P. S. Did I mention that was a perfect trailer for that book, and by the way that was bad ass.

  14. ogreoregon

    I think the tailer for Nocturnal is too violent…What? Not really, I loved it! I would love to see the 3 hour 3D version. What great artists and strange creatures can do when they get together…

  15. NeilColquhoun

    Scott, that is one mighty fine trailer.

    And, may I say thank you to the gentlemen who worked on it – well done, chaps1