O Fortuna ring tone (courtesy of Hutchinsssss!)

My nemesis J.C. Huchinsssssss has delivered a bomb against the evil that is me. He made a ring tone out of the O Fortuna song I sang for the NOCTURNAL unboxing video. And yes, I use the term “sang” loosely, so STFU.

If you don’t know the song, it is in every devil movie ever made. The song makes grown men poo themselves in fear. That’s why it is so rad. You pooing yourself because of a tune? That’s rad and you know it, so stop denying that it’s wicked-rad.
Mr. Smart Ass Hutchins made a ring tone as “a present to the junkies.” What that really means is this is the audio equivalent of me texting nekked pics of me to chicks and/or dudes, and Hutchins wants the Internet to slanderimize me. So in order to control the message before the message controls me (hear that, Anthony Weiner?), I’m just going to link to these bitches right here.
Screw you, Hutchinsssssss.

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  1. possumcowboy

    that is profoundly disturbing.  Kinda like a sweet little girl ordering her mommy to become filled with spores and pop in public.

  2. bumblebee

    It’s crazy cause right after I saw the video I was thinking, “hmmmm, you know what would make a great ringtone?”

    Hutchinsssssssss, get outta my brain you evil monster!

  3. thejaxx

    If you have a WP7 with Mango update, just change the genre for the file to Ringtone. If you do not have that genre, type it in the genre box to create it. 

    After you sync it, you will see it under ringtones in your phone.
  4. ScottEPond

    On my blackberry as of right… Now!

    That’s some sweet focalization… Liquid gold, I tell you… Yellow liquid gold.

  5. NeilColquhoun

    Perhaps I should purchase a cellphone to have this as a ringtone?

    Or maybe the fact I don’t have one is the correct decision?
    It’s evil and fun. Well done to JC for giving us all a ‘present’…!