Movie review: DEAD SNOW

Yes, once again I am on the cutting edge of intellectual foreign films. This touching piece of post-war ennui, a 2009 Sundance selection, comes to us from Norway. An emotionally gripping tale of a nation recovering from the scars of global conflict, DEAD SNOW carries into the struggle of a group of young people trying to come to terms with …

… aw, screw it. I can’t keep this up. The movie is about frozen Nazi zombies. Now if you haven’t already added it to NetFlix from the words “frozen Nazi zombies” alone, then you and I are different people, son, but I’ll continue and try to bring you around to my way of thinking.

Released in 2009 as DØD SNØ, this Norwegian horror-comedy tells tale of a group of med students who — like all good, idiotic horror protagonists do — travel to the middle of bum-fuck nowhere for a nice, incredibly isolated getaway. There is drinking and fornication. There has to be, apparently, as it’s a horror movie. There is laughter and the establishing of characters. (also, if a “Romantic Comedy” is a “Rom Com,” is a “Horror Comedy” a “Hor-Co”? Not to be confused with “Whore Co.,” where I had my first summer job — don’t ask).

The discover of some random treasure activates/reawakens/reanimates a shitload of stormtrooper Nazis who occupied that same area during WWII. Zombies meet college kids, hilarity ensues. Good luck guessing who the “final girl” will be in this one, because you’ll probably be wrong. Much of it makes no sense, but it’s a zombie movie so I don’t think you’re watching it to reflect on the inner working of a Tolstoy opus, so stuff your mouth with Doritos and relax.

Directed by Tommy Wirkola, this film is preposterous and bloody and freakin’ awesome. If you liked SHAWN OF THE DØD, you will dig this is as well. It’s also up there with ZØMBIELAND. In fact, these might be the three best zombie comedies of the past ten years, and I don’t say that lightly.

I laughed my ass off. Some of the kill scenes are top notch. The concept of combining bad-guy dead soldiers with zombies isn’t new, as evidenced by CURSE OF THE CANNIBAL CØNFEDERATES, nor is Nazi zombies, as (unfortunately) evidenced by ZØMBIE LAKE.

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  1. Alex83

    What I liked most about it was the humor in the gore. And it wasn’t so mainstream that a guy and a girl survived at the end.

  2. TheDirtyUnderdog

    This Movie F***** Rules!! and Mr Sigler you are totally correct when assuming “Frozen Nazi Zombies” is a great tagline for any movie..

  3. Gmork

    Mr Gmork and I watched this some time ago and LOVED it.

    I would add the movie SLITHER to this list of Comedy/Horror that this movie reminded me of. It’s hard to pull off funny moments in the middle of horror without it being a WTF moment, but this movie does it brilliantly. Also the make up and costuming for Nazi zombies was *outstanding*.  A definite watch if you like anything undead and shambling.

  4. occupy_my_rocktopi

    This is one of the greatest movies to watch with some buddies and make smart ass “color commentary” on the plot, dialouge, movie in general.  Then after watching this, playing Call of Duty “Nazi Zombies”.  It was an epic experience!